Gidaio vs Livestreaming – FIGHT!

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August 22nd, 2012 7:40 pm

In the blue corner, we have the Baron of Broadcasting, the Lord of Livestreaming, TWITCH.TV!!

And in the red corner, we have the newbie, GIDAIO!


Gidaio moves in early with some quick jabs and Google searches, exploring his opponent. Eventually he decides on the FME/VHScrCap method of attack and lays in on his enemy. In a stroke of genius, however, Twitch.TV responds with terrible framerates and bad video quality! This is one tense battle.

Gidaio is unfazed, and tries the VLC/JTVLC right uppercut method instead. Twitch.TV is unfortunately very familiar with this attack strategy, blocks Gidaio, and responds with a left hook and black screens, knocking Gidaio out! The ref moves in for the count, and…


Looks like Twitch.TV holds his position, and Gidaio is sent home to nurse his wounds!

(I have no idea how wrestling/boxing or whatever works, btw. Seriously, I was working on getting a livestream going for like, two hours. I was hoping to livestream development, but it’s not looking like my computer is powerful enough… ugh.)

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