So, Puzz, Where’s that Warmup?

August 21st, 2012 7:13 pm

Don’t worry, it’s coming.

You see, early during the warming up, I realized that I didn’t know a lot about the collision library I had adopted. So, I decided to take extra time learning the ins and outs. Now, you might call this cheating, but heck, it’s a warmup. And besides, I wouldn’t want to be learning it in the middle of the compo, now would I? It’s better this way.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m using a new collision library, bump.lua, in the first place. Well, a few reasons. For one thing, I’ve had big problems with my own platformer code in the past. I normally use the method of checking collision like this, dividing to allow checking against single points. But, when applying this method, I sometimes get glitches like floating a pixel above the ground or not fully moving to reach the wall next to you. Now, I know exactly why these glitches occur, and I even have a slim idea on how to fix it. But bump.lua promised perfect displacement so you will reach the floor and wall every time. And it doesn’t have to be used for just tiles, the same lib can also work for entity collision. Of course, it checks against rectangular bounding boxes instead of my previously known method, but that never worked out so well, anyway. So, I’m using it, while being wary of COMMANDMENT 6, of course. 😉

3 Responses to “So, Puzz, Where’s that Warmup?”

  1. mohammad says:

    so your using lua eh?
    mmm…those were the days…
    but lua is better off for 3d games like gmod and roblox…
    still not saying its bad, because its HELL to do it with gamemaker!

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      Actually, I’m using Lua for 2D. Hence, Love2D, a rocking library for turning Lua into something for more than just modding. It’s great.

      And is there really only a day left? I figured there was a bit more than that before they close up submissions.

  2. mohammad says:

    well im surly wating on that warmup, cuz you only have 1 day left!

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