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August 21st, 2012 5:50 pm

Here is my base code for Ludum Dare #24:

It’s just a basic scaffold for bootstrapping coding with ClojureScript (and the Google Closure Library). The main thing is the Foreman config that allows you to run “foreman start” and serve up the Javascript (which will be recompiled when you save ClojureScript files) with a simple web server.

I will be adding more code as time goes on, suggestions welcome.

So excited for everything to kick off now!

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  1. sfernald says:

    Will that setup with clojurescript and foreman, give you this capability essentially?

    • wilverine says:

      Well although I could use Light Table, which is what that prototype Chris is demoing there is, it doesn’t have the functionality shown there as far as I know. It might be possible though. For basic code reloading in the browser I’d need to wire up the browser repl, which I haven’t done yet. That is the direction I want to go in though.

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