Kongregate Contest — Cash Prizes

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August 21st, 2012 3:03 pm

Hey everyone!

Kongregate loves the all the amazing games we’ve created for Ludum Dare so much that they’ve decided to give back to the community and host a Ludum Dare contest with cash prizes!

Check out the details here

The prizes will be determined by the game’s Kongregate rating, and prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st: $1250
2nd: $750
3rd: $400

Make sure you use this page to submit your games to be eligible for the contest. Good luck!

Official Contest Rules

144 Responses to “Kongregate Contest — Cash Prizes”

  1. ratking says:

    Obviously they do not LOVE all the amazing games. I was excited about this, until someone mentioned this is for US citizens only. :(((

  2. johnfn says:

    Hmm. Is this just Flash games, or any games? I wanted to make a Java game, but if this is Flash only I may be compelled to switch.

  3. danlthemanl says:

    @johnfn, It works with an iframe as well, so I assume a Java game would work.

  4. johnfn says:

    From the contest fine print minutae:

    To Enter: Beginning at 12:00:01 a.m. PT on August 27, 2012 through 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 29,2012, visit http://www.kongregate.com/pages/ludum-dare-contest and follow the online entry instructions for uploading an original game that has the theme “endurance”.

    LOL. The Ludum Dare theme leaked early!!!!!

  5. Folis says:

    US citizens only.
    Flash games only.

    Love for ALL the games, hm? Sure. <.<

  6. Codexus says:

    The end of ludum dare? I’m angry, disgusted, disappointed, depressed… we can’t prevent them from giving cash prizes for games but we should do everything we can to prevent it being linked to ludum dare.

    • PoV says:

      I can’t help but worry that you’ve misunderstood it. :(

      • Codexus says:

        Not really but I got over it. I saw this as an attack on ludum dare principles which is why I had strong emotions about it. I don’t think I can agree that it’s separated from LD since the prizes are awarded to LD entries. So it affects us directly. But it’s not the end of ludum dare.

        Anyway now I’m no longer depressed or angry and I have my motivation back for this weekend.

  7. tunnel says:

    They don’t get what ludum dare is about. This sucks :(

  8. chas says:

    This amount of money is going to encourage cheating and diminish the spirit of whimsical experimentation and well-if-you-have-to general rule bendery.

    How about instead of cash, we create games awesome enough that we eventually turn them into things people pay money for, and Ludum Dare remains an exercise in experimentation, creativity, and awesomeness?

    How much is Kongregate giving the Ludum Dare organization, if any? Just the linkvertisement?

  9. madmaw says:

    It’s not that bad, the rating systems are separate and it does look like Kongregate are being quite responsive to what people are saying (they’ve amended the rules to allow international submissions for example).

    Am I going to submit my LD48 entry? Hell no, it’s going to be a horribly unpolished disaster-piece. What are the reasons people are against this? I’m seeing a lot of complaining, but not much in the way of explanation.

  10. KevinWorkman says:

    Just to add my $0.02, I would hope that Kongregate thinks about their awful approach to advertisements. I understand wanting to turn a profit, but during the last Ludum Dare event I actually ended up refusing to play any games hosted on Kongregate because I got sick of being forced to watch the same 30 second ad every time I wanted to play a game. With over a thousand games to try to get through, 30 unskippable seconds per game adds up. Plus I don’t think intrusive advertising goes with the spirit of LD.

    It’s cool that they’re reaching out to LD and offering up some cash, but that cash is probably a tiny percentage of the money they’re making off the combined time they’re forcing players to watch ads.

    With a normal game I get it, watching the ad is the “price” you pay to play an otherwise free game. But for contests like this, players are actually doing the game developers a bit of a favor by playing, so it doesn’t make sense to force us to sit through an ad in the process of doing somebody a favor.

    Anyway, I offer free Java (and Processing) hosting at StaticVoidGames.com, without unskippable advertisements (developers can still specify a banner ad to make some money though).

    If Kongregate really cares about the community, then they’ll rethink their ad strategy.

    • johnfn says:

      Hi Kevin, this is a really excellent point. However, I don’t think you should have an axe to grind for Kongregate. It sounds to me like you’re annoyed with people who put ads on their Ludum Dare games, Kongregate or not. And I totally agree with that. If you want LD’s feedback on your game, you should not have ads; that’s disrespectful to your reviewers.

      I wonder if this could be made into a rule.

      • KevinWorkman says:

        One of the developers told me that Kongregate doesn’t give them a way to turn off the ads. That’s the problem.

        • johnfn says:

          It’s not like you’re required to upload on Kongregate though :) Dropbox is a perfectly fine option if you don’t have some webspace.

          • KevinWorkman says:

            I can agree with that. All I’m saying is that if Kongregate wants to become involved with Ludum Dare, they should modify how they deal with ads, at least during the contest and judging of the entries. Several people have since commented with a similar opinion, so I know I’m not alone in hating Kongregate’s ads.

            • lathomas64 says:

              I don’t think kongregate needs to change in that regard, people just need to submit their game to be reviewed hosted somewhere other than kongregate, then upload their game to kongregate afterwards.

  11. Mstrp2ez says:

    Cool opportunity! I don’t see what all the fuzz is about, i mean if i don’t want to enter the Kongregate competition then i don’t and just have a regular LD. This just gives me the added option of having a chance to make some money while i’m doing what i was gonna do this weekend anyway.

    Not that i’m going to enter, probably.

    • KevinWorkman says:

      I think people are worried that this is going to create an overwhelming influx of people who are out ONLY for profit, compared to the majority of Ludum Dare entrants who just want to meet fellow off-center indie developers and make a fun, creative game.

      Sure they can still try to do that, but the central spirit might be drowned out by thousands of people just trying to make a standard boiler-plate game to try to win the money. There’s a reason people like participating in a contest with no actual prize, so a big company adding a prize (off a contest that they themselves will profit from) probably seems a little off-putting to many people.

      I just hate their ads!

      • Puzzlem00n says:

        To be honest, pretty much every place has ads like that, it’s how money is made. Not just Kong. If the ads weren’t there, the developers wouldn’t make money, either.

        • KevinWorkman says:

          There are better ways to do ads. I wasn’t the only one who complained about the kongregate ads last time. And now that kongregate has identified Ludum Dare as a way to make money, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got even worse.

      • Mstrp2ez says:

        I get your point and it is a valid one. However i can’t stop feeling that this is somewhat of a tempest in a teapot. I think that there will be some great games made this weekend and i will be happy for whomever wins that money. I don’t know who you categorize as “unwanted attention”, i say more people (game developers) of all stripes to the LD community, equals more awesome games for me to see and try.

        About the web thing, all i can say is: I feel you man!

        • Mstrp2ez says:

          This was in reply to your comments further down by the way, haha i must have clicked the wrong reply button.

        • KevinWorkman says:

          I don’t think I said anything about unwanted attention, but I understand people who are mentioning it. Ludum Dare has been a bunch of artistic people making creative, interesting games that might not have mass market appeal but do have an unidentifiable extra, a heart. Diluting that with a bunch of cookie-cutter kongregate games might cheapen what people love about LD, and that’s what people are upset about. Plus the obvious angle that Kongregate’s playing with regards to how much they stand to gain versus how much they’re giving out and then advertising it as this great benevolent “we’re giving back to the community” farce. Plus the ads!

  12. Puzzlem00n says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean, it’s not like I think it’s bad they’re giving money, as long as it’s separated from the contest. But I feel like this might attract some unwanted attention. From people who only want money. Ludum Dare needs to be a place where people love what they do, not what they get out of it.

    And of course, it’s also kinda unfair to non-web guys. Everybody hates us for some reason. First, it was, “Please, make a browser game next time so I don’t have to click the download button/ so I can play it, I’m on Mac.” Now it’s, “only web guys get money.” Of course, I guess it doesn’t matter. If you and I don’t want the money, we don’t have to make for web.

    • PoV says:

      There’s also a sense of scope. It’s only 3 cash prizes, out of a subset of 1000+ entries. The odds are still better than any lottery, but nowhere near a guarantee. Statistically speaking, it really should be thought of as a bonus for those developers whose efforts fit in to a specific category (Web games, Kongregate). It’s easy to forget it’s a prize based on user vote, unlike Ludum Dare which is developer’s vote. Also to be eligible you need to not infringe copyright, and integrate Kongregate’s API (something I hear is very simple, but it’s still work above and beyond ‘free money’).

      • Puzzlem00n says:

        Yes, but the question is, will it be thought of as a bonus? It should be, but if this continues, there’s a fair chance some newbies will come along next time and openly say “I hope I win the money!”

        • EdgarAllen says:

          I just don’t want this to open pandoras box so to speak. If this is successful for kong, will ArmourGames up the anti next time and offer prizes worth twice as much? I could see this spiraling out of control to something with nVidia & Ati being sponsors and having this turn into a cgsociety type compo worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

          It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      Woah… I didn’t even think of that sponsorship thing. Man, Kongregate is really ripping people off.

      Anybody wanna make a boycott post and see how many people back it?

    • tomhunt says:

      yeah, i more or less agree with what you are saying.

      if my games do well in ludum dare or any other jam, to the point where they are actually commercially viable in some way, i’d just release them myself.

      if i’m entering ludum dare, then i’m entering just ludum dare. i’m not sure i like the idea of there being this sort of parallel contest where people are being judged by a narrower panel that presumably have some amount of external commercial interest in the games being made. it seems kind of dirty.

    • KevinWorkman says:

      Really great points. Anybody considering kongregate should check out this post first, if nothing else.

  13. jeffz says:

    With regards to hosting your game on Kongregate:

    People were hosting their games on Kong last time, it was annoying as hell.

    If just meant that for me to peer review your game, I had to sit through some 20 second advert, so I’d rather not bother at all.

    PLEASE do your peers the decency of hosting on dropbox or otherwise where we don’t have to wait through ads to give you feedback.

  14. jagttt says:

    Well I look at this as a good thing. Many people used to host their entries at Kongregate so this is just an other benefit for them. Also it is not affiliated to Ludum Dare ratings so basically it won’t affect the ending results. I suppose it’s Kongregate want to support this wonderful event, to encourage more people to participate. You are still making your games isn’t it? Why all the fussing?

  15. lazybraingames says:

    I was talking about this over at indiegames, but I might as well put my 2 cents here as well 😉

    Not being a web dev (I use gamemaker) means that I’m not eligible for any cash prizes. Which isn’t a big deal, since I did the last LD with no such incentives.

    The real issue is that now web devs just get more exposure overall. I think Kongregrate has good intentions, but it does sort of undermine LD as a whole. Particularly because Kongregate users who might of gone to the LD site and checked out everything LD has to offer no longer have a reason to do so. They can just wait for LD to come to them, albeit in it’s abridged form.

    The only real fix for this on Kongregate’s end is to simply host all of LD games. That would basically fix the issue. Kongregate users get to see all the games, all the devs become eligible, and nobody is left out in the cold :)

  16. Drabiter says:

    Hosting on Kongregate? I myself never played any LD games that have only Kongregate link. The ads are so… annoying.

  17. pythong says:

    I have to say, I was pumped for LD, but somehow I feel slightly pissed right now :/ (I’m not sure why yet, but I often go with my gut).
    I’m a Flash dev, but I don’t think I will enter the Kongregate contest

    • pythong says:

      I think I know now why I’m feeling pissed!

      The timing is bad!

      If this would have been announced after the finish line, it would be more like a ‘uuh nice extra’, but right now many potential non-web devs might reconsider doing a non-web game. Plus, what annoys me more, is that now with 3 days to go, your way of thinking will change into making a profit-app, instead for the usual ‘let’s just go for it and have fun’ (I’m also normally annoyed about people who seriously say ‘I will win LD’ as there is nothing to ‘win’, just to ‘gain’)

      • KeyboardThrashingFactory says:

        I totally agree with what you’ve said, its like a butterfly effect, now i wonder that we as a mass have disagreed with proposed offer will those who have chosen to go against the kongregate competition make a different game even though they should be unaffected by their goal.

  18. Ashkin says:

    Doesn’t this kind of ruin the spirit of LD? :c

  19. My Milked Eek says:

    I feel that the Ludum Dare compo should stay on Ludum Dare. Of course, no one can prevent anyone from uploading their game to Kongregate, but to make a competition on top of another competition just to get ad revenue feels awfully distasteful of Kongregate.

    There was no need to branch the compo off or to extend it with this kind of crap.

  20. deepnight says:

    It REALLY REALLY sucks. Ludum Dare Compo is great because it is 100% non-profit-making. I won a few LD before and be sure that I won’t take any money from them if, by any chance, I happen to be ranked in top 3 this time again.

    It’s SO obviously a way for Kongregate to take some new productions to their platform… Sucks.

  21. mr_Hk_ says:

    mmmm Mr Kongregate, you wanna help or wanna make money and traffic upon this ?

    If you REALLY wanna help the indie community, then simply : give rewards to the game you LOVE and wanna support. Dont not try to rip off the traffic from this event or try to make ad money on this free dev.

    make a 100% ad revenu to the author after the compo, by contacting them, by testing them on your own. Or even better, make your own contest, with real rewards, not throwing peanuts generated ad revenues.

    do not spoil the competition, do not try to influence this pure awesome concept.

    LD is about free games, open sources, motivate people to create stuff all together.

  22. iandioch says:

    Perhaps the answer is to find someone else to host a non-web game competition? It’s not perfect, but it would solve the major issue of only half of the jammers being able to enter… And everyone from Maine.

  23. keenblaze says:

    Hands off our favorite jam, kongregate! 😀

  24. AlwaysGeeky says:

    I personally don’t have a massive problem with prize based competitions, but I do agree with the majority of the community that this generally goes against the nature of Ludum Dare.

    My major issue and grip with this is that its far too obvious to the true nature of Kongregate’s attempt to get some easy cash from the huge huge potential of Ludum Dare… I mean seriously $2400 for potential ad revenue and access to 1000+ games!

    If they wanted to make it seem plausible that they had good intentions and really wanted to support the community, they should have done a much better job.

    • geebs61 says:

      You’ll have to show me where Kongregate gets access to “1000+” games. Users still have to submit their game to Kong separately, and still have to fit the criteria for Kong’s portal.

      Did you even read the post about this whole thing? Or did you just see Kongregate and a dollar sign and decide to start pissing in everyone’s hair?

  25. dock says:

    I’m firmly anti-kongregate on this topic, it’s obviously exploitative and will certainly colour the process and output of the event. Pretty scummy thing to do. Shame, as I’m normally fond of the company.

    I’ve decided that I’ll still participate and submit to LD48, but I won’t play or vote for any games submitted on Kongregate. If people upload them elsewhere I might play them.

    • imake says:

      I would not be surprised if games posted to Kong don’t get high scores on LD side. *hint*

      • dock says:

        That’s really unfair. There’s no reason to vote games down because of this.

        There’s a big difference between choosing which of the hundreds of games to prioritise, and malicious or strategic voting.

      • RichMakeGame says:

        screw that. Just don’t rate them if you have a problem, but judge them by their own merits

        • imake says:

          I’ll take that back, unthoughtful comment. I don’t care the voting part anyway, don’t really care to unfairly promote or depromote anything for any reasons, so better not mess with this concept. Let it be fair. The Kong part gets the heat in these writings already, no need for mutiny.

  26. Cell says:

    i don’t like this, make games, not up the pressure and unfriendlyness of the compo by giving cash prizes. get out, kongregate.


  27. To everyone flaming Kongregate, what basis are you making all these assumptions on?

    Kongregate already has tons and tons of games being submitted everyday, and a ton of traffic. I really don’t think a few hundred submissions in one day will get them rolling in any cash, especially since ***they don’t require you to add any of their branding*** so you’re not bringing them any new traffic from external websites.

    I’m also pretty sure that a lot of people will submit their games to Kong with or without this prize, because Kong is a good portal to submit to.

    If this prize gets people to make better games, then why not? Sure the casual atmosphere of Ludum Dare is awesome (I was even surprised that there was no monetary prize when I first heard of it, but it makes sense) but this is just a side competition.

    And in all fairness, how do you know Kong harbours any ill intentions? I mean if I ran a big portal and didn’t know any better, I’d think I was doing developers a big favor.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

  28. dertom says:

    Kong should just do their own competition and not hijack LD.

  29. Milo says:

    I don’t think that Kong has any ill intent here, but the competition they’re putting forth really isn’t compatible with the Ludum Dare. I feel that the spirit of the Ludum Dare is dependent on the fact that you’re free to go crazy and make something entirely new, and make it for no better reason than to experiment or because it’s a fun process to create it. This goal leads to really cool ideas, and I like where it’s led me in the past. I don’t think that, if my goal were to get players to give it high ratings, I would have made many of the same design decisions that I did. I don’t see how someone could strive towards winning this Kongregate thing while still acting under the goal of being as creative as possible.

    • geebs61 says:

      “I don’t see how someone could strive towards winning this Kongregate thing while still acting under the goal of being as creative as possible.”

      Really? This might be one of the stupidest things I have read all year.

  30. KeyboardThrashingFactory says:

    “(a) not including in your Submission any sexually explicit or suggestive, unnecessarily violent, abusive, threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, vulgar, obscene, immoral, offensive, indecent, hateful, derogatory or profane content, and having your Submission otherwise suitable for publication on the Kongregate Website”

    Is it not it our own choice to develop games into a medium which reaches beyond boundaries which are going to occasionally cross one of these lines. I think this definitely counts me out of this cashing in scheme.

    • geebs61 says:

      No one is saying you have to enter this completely separate contest if you don’t wan’t to.

      It is completely separate from LD in almost every single aspect. Is it completely unfair if I fix up a 69 Camaro as a fun project with my friends, and then Chevy holds a contest for old cars at the same time we finish?

      This concept is so mind bogglingly simple, yet there is a large vocal crowd using “fairness” or “tainting the spirit of LD” as thin veils to cover their jealousy and anger at the fact that they don’t fit the criteria for the Kong contest and are pissed because they wont have a chance at winning cash.

  31. Shackhal says:

    Hmmm…I want to see a Non-web based game win this Ludum Dare. I will laugh if this occurs xD

  32. geebs61 says:

    To all the people against this contest, I will try to explain it in the simplest terms possible, since it seems your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills have dipped so low you can’t for a coherent thought based on facts.

    Ludum Dare is a competition. AFTER the Ludum Dare competition, Kongregate is holding their own SEPARATE competition for FINISHED LD games, that fit the criteria for their portal, with a cash prize. The voting for the Kongregate competition is based on their own rating scale, voted on by users. It has no affiliation or influence on LD other than being a competition for finished LD games after the LD competition is completed. There is a large number of entrants in LD that will, and have submitted to Kong after the LD. This has, and will always happen. Along with many other web game portals. The claims that some people are making are absolutely ludicrous. They are preemptive excuses for why you aren’t going to win. Either LD or the Kongregate contest.

    Most of the negative posters have made it INCREDIBLY clear that they either haven’t read anything about this competition, or can’t read at all.

    You can either support this competition, be indifferent to it, or admit that you don’t like it because you already aren’t going to make anything worthy of winning either contest, but now you have a scapegoat as to why.

    Are you upset that people will be entering “just for the money”? Or are you upset that there will potentially be far more people in this LD, diluting your chances of winning?

    Are you upset that having a separate competition with a cash prize, somehow (through magic or wiccan ritual I assume) makes the entrants and LD “unfriendly”? Or are you upset because you won’t be able to win said cash?

    Absolutely NOTHING will change about Ludum Dare because of this separate competition. You think this will bring more “cheaters”? You honestly believe there aren’t any entering in the last ten years? Are you afraid that a cheater will be able to create something better than you? Spend all weekend developing a game with prefabricated code and art, for a CHANCE to win $1,250 or less, IF the users like it enough? You’re that afraid? Really?

    Then work your hardest, stick to your respect for LD’s “spirit” as tight as you can. And make something better than the “cheaters”. You don’t want to/can’t enter Kong’s contest? Don’t. No one is making you or stopping you. The travesty of this entire thing is that we now have people openly planning to sabotage other contestants chance at winning this prize because they either can’t enter, don’t want to, or know they wont win. This isn’t about the spirit of LD. This is about jealousy.

    And some of you are disgusting.

    • dock says:

      Wow, what an asshole thing to say. Why do you try to insult others?

      Plenty of people want the competition part of the event as light as possible, many referring to it as a challenge rather than a contest.

      • geebs61 says:

        I insult anyone worthy of receiving it. They deserve to at least know that they are a disappointment to anyone that has ever known them.

        “Plenty of people want the competition part of the event as light as possible”




        The Kongregate contest has NO bearing on the LD contest. If you think it does or will, you are an imbecile. It is quite literally, that plain and simple. Nothing about LD is changing. Anyone with half a brain will realize that if someone made a good game during an LD, and they wanted to make money off it, they would. And they would probably get more than the prize Kong is offering for it. Literally no one is going to flood LD with submissions for the chance to win $1,250. And the people that just might have that as their primary motivation probably wont finish their game anyway.

        Hey look, I made more points in that post than you could even think of on the topic. Now go sit down. The adults are talking.

    • Doft says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. :)

      If you want to have a serious discussion with someone, don’t start by calling them stupid or unable to read.

      Most of the people here know they won’t win, and are here just to make a game and have fun.

      Also, you are disgusting.

      • geebs61 says:

        If someone is a fucking idiot, I am going tell them they are.

        “Most of the people here know they won’t win, and are here just to make a game and have fun.”

        Then they should shut the fuck up,make a game, and have fun. Not squawk about something that will have no affect on them whatsoever.

    • mr_Hk_ says:

      Mate, if i could call you so, you’re a bloody idiot.

      you told me “Contrary to what most people have replied with I disagree with you entirely. Your post shows you have very little understanding of how Ludum Dare, Kongregate, project funding, competitions and prizes work.”

      Actually, i work in indie game for 7years… and you ?
      I do know the ecosystem very well, i’ve also seens the “webgame” market arise. i know the stats on ad revenues and the very low money made by devs and the lyon’s share reserve to distribution.

      My friends and cooworker Deepnight actually won LD 3 times. Benjamin, also scored a numerous of time.
      And i do think they actually stand a chance to create a greate game, again.
      So beware of your false judgement, they only reflect your poor knowledge of the persons you’re trolling.

      Also, please don’t insult me or LD community, your mother would be ashamed and i don’t like to be treated like this.

      I didn’t insult Kong, i’ve guessed they wanted to help, and i do think they misunderstood how their competition hijack could trouble and have a negative impact on this event.
      It’s my point of view. respect it or deal with it. no need to throw dead kitten .

      In addiction, i respect the plateform, i understand the business model, BUT i dont think this is a fair trade.
      Helping the indie community would be around promoting great LD games , testing them, and why not funding a final build for some of them.
      They could promote the event, ask their user to test those game and votea for those. It wouldnt arm anybody and promote their own service.

      • geebs61 says:

        First, I don’t give a flying fuck how long you say you’ve been “in the industry”, as that usually translates to “I am lying about my experience and want you to accept me”

        Second. I don’t give a flying fuck how many LD’s your friend has one. That is irrelevant.

        Third. Congratulations on watching the “webgame” market rise due to the increase in users, internet connectivity, or knowing how the traditional distribution model works. You want a cookie or something?

        Fourth. You don’t know what trolling is.

        Fifth. My mother has far more to be ashamed of than me telling verifiable fuckwits what they are.

        Sixth. Kong isn’t “hijacking” LD. This only lends more credence to the notion that you don’t know about anything you are talking about.

        Seventh. Yeah, it would be nice if instead of holding a friendly competition with a cash prize, companies held our hands step by step through the development processed and tucked money into our little pockets along the way, patting us on the head and telling us we’re doing a great job and we’ve always been their favorite.

        God damn you people are naive, and immature.

        • mr_Hk_ says:

          First> If you dont care about my experience, don’t ask for it.

          Second> If you argue people are telling stuff cuz hey will never win any competition, please listen to those who actually do

          Third> Actually Motion twin is one of the first web based company in europe… I am paying my food by making games. you dont. obviously. I ve you ever make a game ? I ve you ever enter the LD ?

          Fourth> No but you obviously do ! your mama must be proud.

          so as you state your trolling , i wont argue and feed the dirty lonely troll you are.

          • geebs61 says:

            “First> If you dont care about my experience, don’t ask for it.”

            I never did.

            “Second> If you argue people are telling stuff cuz hey will never win any competition, please listen to those who actually do”

            Ignorance is ignorance is ignorance. I don’t care if you won a Nobel prize, when you are wrong about something because you lack understanding of it, you are wrong.

            “Third> Actually Motion twin is one of the first web based company in europe… I am paying my food by making games. you dont. obviously. I ve you ever make a game ? I ve you ever enter the LD ?”

            I assume the language barrier is keeping your point from getting across here. Because you most certainly are NOT one of the first web based companies in Europe. This will be my first LD that I participate in, but I am very aware of the way it works. And yeah, I’m fairly certain I’ve been making games for a while. If not, I need to figure out how all these memories got in my head. I was writing games in languages that died before you even started to learn the constructs of programming.

            “Fourth> No but you obviously do ! your mama must be proud.”

            Oooooh, mom jokes. How brave and clever!

            “so as you state your trolling , i wont argue and feed the dirty lonely troll you are.”

            Yeah, I’m still not trolling, and you still don’t know what “trolling” means.

            HINT: It does NOT mean some who disagrees with you because they have based their opinion on logic and facts.

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      That is it, sir. You have just insulted me, this community, and the entire independent game developing movement with your comments. I applaud you, you’ll be receiving your “Outstanding Achievement in Ignorance Award” in the mail. Can explain something to YOU? I don’t care about the money AT ALL. I don’t care about winning AT ALL. In fact, none of us care about winning AT ALL, nor do we care who else wins AT ALL. We care about MAKING GAMES. We are not jealous of other people who MAKE GAMES, nor do we MAKE GAMES for glory or money. Until you understand that, don’t come back.

      Not a single person here is jealous of the other. Sure, we all would like to win something from time to time. And why shouldn’t we? But not a single one of us is jealous for the other, and if you can find an exception to that, then you’re in the Matrix.

      I have read the rules. I understand everything about what Kongregate is doing. Now let you explain to you why we don’t like it.

      You see, unlike you, we indies have morals. This largely is because we are people, with feelings and souls, also unlike you. We feel that games are an expression of ourselves, works of art, and they mean more than money. And we feel that making games creatively, without some monetary goal, spawns amazing creativity that is unseen anywhere else. This idea of “the spirit of LD” is far from new, it’s timeless, and you can see it referenced all the way back to the beginning.

      So let Kongregate have their contest. I’m glad for whoever wins their money. But the idea that this tampers with how people take risks and even decide to join LD in the first place is far from unrealistic.

      I don’t blame you, for as a creature without any sort of conscience, you wouldn’t understand these things. But until you do, I suggest you get out of my community and don’t come back until you understand who we are. You obviously have no respect for us, our accomplishments, or what we say. Please, get all this through your skull and do not return until you do. It’ll be better for everyone.

      • Puzzlem00n says:

        And before you accuse someone of lying about their experience, how about you check first?

      • geebs61 says:

        For someone who doesn’t care about any of this, you sure do care about it. Morals? You think someone holding a separate contest with a chance at a cash prize is a slight of “indie developers” morals? Jesus fuck, grow up.

        No one is making you set a goal of making money with LD. No one is making you enter this separate contest. It is like you never even developed the part of the brain that is capable of critical though.

        Boohoo, you took a criticism of a group of peoples stupidity, and applied it to yourself. You don’t want to be called an idiot? Get away from the group of idiots.

        For claiming to love this community so much, you sure do have a negative standpoint on the honor of the community as a whole. So what is worse, that I think you and several others don’t understand how any of this works, and don’t have the brain capacity to do so, or that you distrust enough of the community you claim to protect to think that this one innocent prize will ruin 10 years of tradition?

        You are the offensive one. You are the one that has insulted Ludum Dare and every entrant in this competition, or any competition in the future. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, it is far beyond the scope of your comprehension. And besides, you aren’t going to agree that you are wrong, no matter how much evidence and facts I throw in your face.

        • Puzzlem00n says:

          *sigh* Alright, if we’re going to have a serious discussion, I’m going to ask that we drop the insults. I’m not going to insult you anymore, and I’d like you not to insult me, okay? It’ll be hard to have a good chat about this when we’re both infuriated. Please, just give me that and we’ll get along fine.

          I feel that I’ve been slightly misunderstood. You see, I don’t really have any stance on this: I see the good Kongregate is doing, and I see the potential for bad. I’m not sure which out weighs the other. All I know is that I understand everyone else’s point. Sure, at one point, I was calling for a boycott, but I take that back. If anyone wants to enter this, they should, and they should give it their all.

          My main intention with the above comment was to defend my “group of idiots” for not making their comments out of any sort of jealousy, but because they legitimately believe what they are saying, and they have a reason other than blind envy as you have said. I know these people, I recognize them from their past posts around the site, and I don’t believe any of them are jerks.

          I honestly cannot say that this will ruin anything. It won’t, and LD can bounce back if for some unforeseen reason it does. I’m just making the point that we do have these morals (or at least I do) and making money isn’t what it’s all about.

          I’m not sure where you get that I have a negative standpoint on these people. I love these guys, and I’m glad they’re in my life. It’s my dream to be a game developer, and I’m glad to be doing it this way.

          So, again, I was only defending the side of people here you claim to be disgusting. I’m glad that Schonstal and Kongregate wanted to give back to us. I’m just explaining to you that these guys don’t have ulterior motives in simply saying what they believe. The alarm was, indeed, understandable.

      • You really need to learn to speak for yourself. Nice ideals, but more “I think” and less “we think” would go a long way.

      • That was directed at Puzzlem00n btw. Keep in mind that my basica philosophy boils down to this – http://hackwork.tumblr.com/image/29974908059 – so whateverzzzzzz.

  33. Yezu says:

    I don’t like this idea. If Kongregate made their own separate compo, then I’d be happy to ignore it and not care. However this is impacting Ludum Dare. Simply because for some people the incentive might change and that is a lot. I liked the idea of the compo having no (or symbolic) prizes, because then it was just for fun, to celebrate gamedev.

    I’m sure this Kongregate action will have a very small impact on this LD. However it will still not be good.

  34. McFunkypants says:

    Peace, everyone! My advice would be to do it YOUR way. Make the game you want to make and don’t worry about winning. The real prize is your finished game.

    If you want to add advertisements to your game go ahead. IF you want to make a personal project, free of any commercial aspirations, you are free to do so.

    HAVE FUN! Stop worrying about what others will do and focus on doing things exactly the way that makes you most proud.

    Who cares about winning? The goal of Ludum Dare is FUN. Focus on that. Lead by example. Do it YOUR way, whatever way that may be.

  35. Dir3kt says:

    Yeah +1 for peace!! :)

    Read the rules on the Kong website and found that:

    “(3) Submission must be integrated with the Kongregate Statistics API as of the end of the Contest Period ”


  36. sorceress says:

    My main concern really, is should we be allowing third parties to affiliate with/capitalize on the ‘ludum dare’ name?

    If we don’t protect the IP, we could lose our exclusive rights to it.

    For example. remember the story of DotA? What started life as a community made acronym was eventually trademarked. So there are now restrictions on it’s usage. Will something similar happen with “ludum dare” in the future?

  37. SiENcE says:

    I can’t support this!

    It’s only Flash and i don’t use Flash. So i’m out as all other devs not using Flash.

    @Kongregate: Make your own compo!

  38. spooks says:

    Bah, even more LD games on kongregate, it makes it a lot harder to review when I have to watch 30 seconds of ads.

    I would say boycott this hijack… but… umm…

  39. Mamick says:

    I’m just curious, but are people really that upset about the 30 seconds of ads? I would think that it would take more than 30 seconds to play a game that you have to download, especially if to download there’s a timer.

    The reason I’m asking is to know whether or not I should have an online game at kongregate or an offline game, since I don’t have a website and don’t know where I’d upload (other than maybe dropbox).

  40. lazybraingames says:

    While I don’t approve of the Kong comp, I do feel pretty bad for the LD organizers. If I were in there shoes, I might of done the same thing.

  41. AD-Edge says:

    Just my 2c in this downpour of somewhat unnecessary negativity:

    I’m fine with this contest (even though I, at this stage, have no plans on entering it this time round).
    I hope all this mess and complaining doesn’t stop new opportunities like this from developing for this community in the future.

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