I’m in, and here’s what I’m using (mostly):

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August 20th, 2012 1:37 pm

I am definitely in now, unless my cold disrupts all thinking D:

Most of the stuff I will be using:

IDE: Processing IDE
Graphics: pen and paper, Graphics tablet, GIMP, mypaint, paint.NET.
Level editor: coded by hand
Music:(as music is my hobby:) banjo, violin, keyboard, mandolin, flute, ardour, audacity(and the program ;D ) a good mic and some other instruments (I’ll specify on my first release).
Language: Processing
Librarys: don’t know yet, they have to be built into processing, though, so I will say on my first release
Timelapse: Chronolapse on both machines, and I can hopefully get a webcam hooked up to chronolapse too. 😉

and a fujifilm finepix 21500 to do some of the photos(food and such).

I’ve probably forgotten a few things, so I’ll let you know in my first release!

good luck to everyone else!

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  1. KevinWorkman says:

    Awesome to see another Processing developer!

    (blatant self-advertising ahead)

    You might consider checking out the free Java and Processing hosting I offer at StaticVoidGames.com. It’s easy, generates a page showcasing applet, webstart, and downloadable jar versions of your game, and you can specify your own ad code to hopefully make some money off your game!

    Direct link: http://StaticVoidGames.com
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  2. Gallefray says:

    I’ll have a look at that, thanks :)

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