I’m about to get started on a warmup game that I’ll make between tonight and tomorrow. I’ve come up with two possible ideas that I think will both work. I’d like you to look at the pitch for both games and tell me which one you think is a better idea.

Game 1: Elevators

This is based on an earlier LD theme called “Indirect Interaction.” You are controlling an elevator (possibly more than one) with the space bar. When you hold it down, it will move up. Release the space bar and the elevator descends. To keep things interesting, there might be an elevator that moves down when you hold the space bar and a wall that grows when you hold space. In the background, there are two or more floors and different things walking. There are green walkers than will keep walking and fall down the shaft if you don’t get to them in time. Then there are red types that will jump the chasm in floors and you want to crush them with the elevator.  If I have time, I could come up with more than two types of walkers. Maybe I could have a fat guy that waits for the elevator and blocks everybody, or a gremlin that breaks the elevator if you don’t squish it.

Game 2: Killer Walls

The theme I’m using is another previous year’s entry which you can probably guess by the title. You are trapped in a prison cell. Suddenly the walls start to move. Thankfully, your guardian angel gave you bombs. Parts of the wall are either strong, weak, or have holes you can walk through. Bomb the weak parts, walk through the holes, and stay alive! Eventually, the wall will run out and you will have escaped.
Well that sums up both ideas pretty well. It’s up to you now: decide!

2 Responses to “A pitch for two different warm up ideas (which one do you like better?)”

  1. Strkl says:

    I like the first idea, its like lemmings but with elevators :)

  2. I like the second one myself, that sounds like quite the chaotic, action-packed game, and sounds quite intriguing :)

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