Team 111 is planning to make a stop-motion game

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August 18th, 2012 2:24 am

Hi there!

Well…how to put this in words…We’re in!
We’re a team of three french blokes who have once lived together but never worked together. And now, we’re going to make a game for LD #24!


I, Pierrec, am a video game guy (still afraid to write “game developer” ). I’ve made some games for previous LDs like I am Ourobouros (LD21), Never Alone Hotline (LD22) or Ok, Now this is Awkward (LD23), and some other ones for other competitions (Find them HERE)  I also got a blog in which I review some cool experimental/innovative games. Since now, I always worked alone, but I’m willing to try something else, so I grabbed some friends for this Ludum Dare.

Remember this one ? Seems like a billions years ago!

Félix is a librarian. He likes video games but doesn’t play them much cause he’s a Linux user (hin hin hin). He never worked on a video game but he makes cool stop-motions with kids in his library. Here’s one of them :

Où sont passées mes lunettes ? from Médiathèque de Rognac on Vimeo.

You also can watch more of them here. We talked about making a stop-motion game, and got really excited about it. So…whatever the theme is gonne be, that’s what we’re going to make! Of course, Félix will be in charge of the animation.


Jay is an english teacher, but he’s also a graphic designer, a musician, a gif animator, and many other stuff. Everything but game maker…yet!

See this awesome graphic skill ? Well, we won’t use it, because we’re making a stop-motion game! Instead, we hope to use his music skill

(seems like music and video integration doesn’t work here, so, here’s a link :)

and maybe his english skill to proof-read our game (because there will probably be lots of dialogs…I love dialogs). Jay *might* won’t help us on this jam because he’ll be busy this week end. If so…we’ll be Team 11 instead, and that’s a lousy name, so I hope he’s gonna find some time!

See his Tumblr, his Soundcloud and his Flickr


To summarize :

Ideas : Pierrec, Félix, Jay
Coding : Pierrec
Graphics : The real world
Animation : Félix
Music : Jay
Dialogs : Pierrec, Félix ?
Proof-read : Jay ?


We’re gonna use Adventure Game Studio to make this game, and probably a lot of other softwares (don’t know which yet)

I hope we’ll manage to make this game, I hope it will be good, but even if it’s not, I’m sure we’ll have some fun!

Let’s jam!


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  1. FredericRP says:

    Bon courage ! (et pas plus de 50 000 mots cette fois-ci :-p )

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