I’m In. YOLO

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August 18th, 2012 9:37 pm

I’m in!

This time around I’ll be switching from using Flixel to using Axel, so we’ll see how that goes. Unlike last time I’m not going to bother pushing myself to keep it simple; I’m going to figure out what I want to do and just dive in and see what I can get done in 48 hours, even if it means only a partially finished product.

In terms of tools, here’s what I’m planning:

Language: AS3 using Axel (with FlashBuilder as my IDE)
Graphics: Photoshop
Sounds: As3sfxr
Music: Either random music generation tool from googling or Fruity Loops

And if anyone is still unsure of what to use, you still have a week where you could go and learn how to use Axel!

Here are logos of some of my past LD projects (I don’t have a dh1 logo on hand so I put my dh2 one don’t kill me):

Oh and if I don’t have enough shameless advertising, I recently tested the waters of making an iPad app (mostly for the experience). If you’re interested in a neat puzzle game, then you should check out Glissade:

5 Responses to “I’m In. YOLO”

  1. pythong says:

    Axel? Some time ago I read in the Flixel forums that someone was trying to use Stage3D support for faster graphics, was that you ? (+ there was a Mario game example). If yes, then congratz! I didn’t it would be finished so soon

    And since you even already published a game to iOS, can I ask, how did you do that? (my guess would be some built-in functionality in FlashBuilder)

  2. arkeus says:

    Yeah, that was me. :)

    And yes, it was done through flash builder using adobe air (though you can do it command line too). The hardest part is setting up all the keys and provisioning profiles and stuff, but once that is done it’s relatively simple to create an iOS or Android app using adobe air (the command line method didn’t look much worse than having FlashBuilder do it for me).

  3. pythong says:

    Wow, nice one :D! Then Axel might become my choice for the next compo as well (for this LD I promised myself to give flixel another try ^^)
    Best of luck for the LD and for Axel!

  4. Puzzlem00n says:

    You know, I’ve been looking at Axel for a while for a project I’ve been wanting to start. I’ve been programming more in LÖVE as of late, but I’ve always liked Flash. There’s more money in it, too.

    As for that project, well… You can read about it here. http://puzzlem00n.wordpress.com/current-projects/

    Also, I like your “jump into it head on whether I’ll regret or not” attitude. It’s something different from what I’ve seen… But I’m afraid I’m not comfortable enough to try it. Maybe next time. Good luck, though.

  5. karnakgames says:

    Your games are the best LD ones IMO. Waiting for another cool piece of art from you, good luck!

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