What, No Warmup Weekend?

August 17th, 2012 8:51 pm

I’ve been planning to do a good three days of warm-er-uppin’ this weekend (the first one to tighten up my libraries), and of course, I’ll do it no matter what, but it would be nice to submit to an official warmup. Aren’t they normally announced by now? Or am I worrying for nothing?

Also, I have a more concrete toolset now. Some I have more experience in than others. The music ones the least. In all my attempts at game jams, I’ve never even gotten to touch my music making programs. Something to look forward to!

CODE- LÖVE and Notepad++, with several libraries created by the community, many by Kikito.

GRAPHICS- Paint.NET, PyxelEdit, Pickle, and, in case I feel like taking risks, Spriter.

SOUND- Musagi and Aria Maestosa for music, with SFXR (bfxr is overrated) for sound effects and Audacity for any extra editing.

LEVEL DESIGN- Tiled. I want to pick up Ogmo, but I can’t find any libraries to make it work in LÖVE. So Tiled it is. I may not even touch it, though.

Even if there is no official warmup, I’ll make sure to post whatever I come up with for you guys!

I really need some sort of sign-off or catchphrase.

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  1. I have an idea for a game based off of last year’s theme. You’re stuck in a prison cell when suddenly the walls start closing in. A godlike character comes in…but instead of saving you it gives you a bombing ability to destroy wall. Some parts of the moving wall are destroyable and others not. If the wall reaches the bottom of the screen, you are crushed to death and lose.

    Should I run with it? I could probably whip up a crappy version in a day.

  2. pythong says:

    if you want to do your warmup weekend, just do it. btw if no-one has posted an ‘official’ HEY EVERYONE WARMUP WEEKEND STARTS RIGHT NOW! post, it’s actually your chance to do it 😉
    i was also hoping to do a warmup, but right now i’m trying to get the friday night alcohol out of my system ^^. post is soon to come

  3. Sheep says:

    Since I can’t PM you or anything like that, I’ll do it this way: Thanks for the award! 😀
    And of course I’m looking forward to your game :)

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