The post where I say I’m in…

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August 16th, 2012 1:53 pm

Good luck gentlemen/ladies

Hello Ludum Darians!(?), I’m just here to say I’m in for Ludum Dare 24! After last year, completing a game for the first time was exciting! So I hope to shoot higher and make a better and more fun game experience in under 48 hours! I’ve been strugglign these last few months since the last LD to come up with a new game idea, but I think Ludum Dare is just the kick I need to get back into gear!


Last year I used Java with Slick2D, it’s a great framework, but distributing java is a nightmare and a bad experience for the player. I want something that can be embedded in a webpage (I know java can, so shh!), something new and exciting, and something with limitations. So, I’ve decided to go with plain olde’ HTML5! HTML5 will run on just about any platform and offers a good experience overall and  a fun and easy development environment. I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be using a game framework with HTML5, but I have worked with nothing but canvas before and It’s turned out pretty good.

I update my twitter throughout the day, so if you wanna follow me, that’s the best place.


Last year I attempted to do a live-stream, and I did a little bit, but nobody really watched. I plan on doing it again long with a time-lapse! My livestreaming page is here. So follow it so you’ll know when it’s going down!

Watch live video from Watch Mah Desktop! on


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  1. geekygenius says:

    Oh crap. I was planning on switching to Java with Slick this time because distributing with python and pygame was too hard. Any suggestions for me?

    • My Milked Eek says:

      Distributing your game in Java isn’t hard. Who hasn’t got a JVM installed on his machine? And installing a JVM isn’t the hardest of things. Go for it.

      You could always try webstarts or applets if you don’t want to distribute your jar.

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