Can’t wait! Can’t compete :-(

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August 16th, 2012 1:17 am

Last Ludum Dare (#23) was my very first LD, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ever since LD#23 I’ve been collecting ideas, about game types, lighting, different platforms, tooling… all waiting until the next Ludum Dare. I’ve learned about coding for Android (which was going to be my platform of choice this time), and I’ve even pre-written a small library to take care of some scaling aspects for me.


Checking my agenda it looks like I can’t compete this time… But I’ve got something else planned that weekend which is going to be awesome as well. Maybe you guys are familiar with Discovery Channel’s “Scrapheap Challenge” and/or the US version “Junkyard Wars”? It turns out here in the Netherlands there is a company which does team building activities with the same idea! In the morning you are divided into groups and get a challenge (something they have done before or we suggest our own challenge). They have a scrapheap with a lot of old bicycles and other scrap and a huge shed with welding equipment etc. During the day the professionals will assist you (crash course in welding for example) in the build! In the end there will be a race and a big BBQ. The teams can even take their creation home.

This has got to be the best team building activity imaginable and it isn’t the worst reason to skip this LD!

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  1. Will Edwards says:

    That’s got to be the best excuse ever! You are excused.

  2. soulrot says:

    Well that sounds interesting, do you know the name of the company (or the location)? It sure sounds like something to keep in mind for that one time you want to organize something really fun. It’s a shame you can’t participate though, although I for one wouldn’t have played your game anyway because I don’t own anything android 😛

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