Real World Ludum Dare 24 Gatherings

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August 13th, 2012 9:48 am

We’re up to 21 Gatherings, with more in discussion (see comments):

I’ll admit, I’m running behind this event with little things like this. Post a comment letting me know where an event is, include a link to further details, and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. mattperrin says:

    The Cleveland Game Devs will be hosting a cook out & Ludum Dare game jam in Cleveland, Ohio at the LaunchHouse startup accelerator. More details in the link.

    Cleveland, Ohio (USA) – LaunchHouse

    You can also tweet @mattperrin for more info.

  2. 01010111 says:

    We will be hosting a meetup in Richmond, VA, USA at Citizen Restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Richmond!

    Our site with all the info:

  3. Joshua Douglass-Molloy says:

    We’re in Adelaide, Australia, using the University of Adelaide Common Room. Only holds ~20, but we’re still far from full.

    Facebook event:

    • Joshua Douglass-Molloy says:

      This can be discovered via the event page, but I should mention that our organisation is called Jamalaide (a portmanteau of jam, marmalade and Adelaide).

  4. danhett says:

    Manchester, UK, checking in!

    We’re hosting our second Ludum Dare jam, at the Madlab hackspace. In addition to the LD48 folks, we’ll also be running mini-jams on both days, crash-course coding sessions for beginners, and like last time we’ll have some pervasive gamers in the house making games that involved running around and making noise.

    Here’s how it went down last time:

    All the info on this event is here, if you’re coming please grab a ticket!

  5. pekuja says:

    Terry is hosting a meetup in Cambridge, UK at the CB2 bistro:

  6. seagaia says:

    Hey, it looks like Chicago has a meetup of some sort:

  7. racarate says:

    Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

    Second annual East Atlanta make-games-like-a-woolly-mammoth-weekend!,+Atlanta,+GA&hl=en&sll=32.678125,-83.178297&sspn=7.080974,6.888428&oq=122&t=v&hnear=1226+McPherson+Ave+SE,+Atlanta,+Georgia+30316&z=17

    Hit us up at @secret_library if you plan on stopping by!

    We promise coffee, music-making-paraphenelia and smiles.


  8. mortehu says:

    Oslo, Norway:

    The Bitraf hackerspace is hosting a Ludum Dare jam at its venue near Alexander Kiellands plass in Oslo:

  9. Jimjam says:

    Cape Town, South Africa:

    We’ll be hosting another fun-filled LD48 jam at UCT (The University of Cape Town), with a kettle that actually works this time and possibly a room that isn’t haunted by mystery drafts.

  10. myachin says:

    Omsk, Russia:

    Omsky Ludum Dare 48 @ Al Digit

  11. DWallin says:

    Is anybody in NYC interested in getting together at a coffee shop for LD48?

  12. Th3dz says:

    I was thinking about having a meetup at the University of Borås here in Sweden.

    If anyone is interested in that contact me on twitter @erikskogl and we’ll see if there’s enough interest!

  13. irl says:

    Aberdeen University Computing Science Society is having a gathering.

    King’s College Campus, University of Aberdeen, Scotland


  14. KontrolKeal says:

    Gathering for Ludum dare at the Hacker Dojo in the Silicon valley.


    It’s an awesome place with many types of geeks. More info about the Hacker Dojo here:

  15. hdon says:

    If anyone is in the Las Vegas area, we should meet up!

    Possible meeting spaces: I have an office space desk space in the Bank of Nevada building by the corner of Tanaya and Lake Mead.

  16. Hey, if anyone lives in central massachusetts, I’d like to meet up at Worcester Polytechnical Institute, campus center. The first floor would do. When you go in, there’s a big octogonal wedge area that would make a good meeting place. I’ll think a time later.

  17. deepnight says:

    We will also gather in Bordeaux, France, in our office at Motion Twin (!
    We had 2 free seats remaining, but they were taken :) We shall be 9 or 10 participants!

  18. andre says:

    Anyone else in New York City?

  19. chas says:

    Any Edinburgh hackers? Or is all the Scot talent heading for Aberd?

  20. Tyler says:

    Definitely will be having one here in Phoenix, Arizona. It will be at the UAT campus, as usual.

  21. GreaseMonkey says:

    Anyone lingering in Wellington, New Zealand? It could be good to arrange a meetup in town.

  22. limbster says:

    Is there going to be a meetup in STockholm, Sweden? I happen to be in STockholm during the LD weekend

  23. mappum says:

    Anyone in Seattle? This is supposedly the game capital of the world, yet we don’t have anything organized yet :( We could probably hook something up with the guys at Surf Incubator (

  24. pizzalicious says:

    We’re hosting one in Richmond, Virginia. at Citizen.
    FREE Pizza party on Sunday at the final show and tell. WOO!

  25. davidwparker says:

    If anyone in Denver/Boulder, Colorado area is interested in meeting up, let me know… my name at gmail dot com.

  26. laaph says:

    In San Francisco, CA, there will be a few of us meeting up at Noisebridge on Friday afternoon (as of this writing, it will be in 3 days, 0 hours, and 45 minutes) . This occurred rather informally when I poked my head in the room at this event and asked if any one else was partaking in Ludum Dare 24 and got various responses. Come join us!

  27. shatterhand says:

    Colégio Graham Bell, at Rio de Janeiro – Brazil:

    It’s a High School, and a few students will be there together in the weekend making games for the LD 😀

  28. photex says:

    Anybody in the LA Westwood area?

  29. My Milked Eek says:

    Anyone in Belgium?

  30. treyher says:

    IGDA DC is hosting a jam at Westwood College in Ballston, Arlington, VA. More details are here:

  31. Andre Bessa says:

    Please include Biv Game Studios, Brazil. We will be meeting in a small group.

  32. MaxHouYeah says:

    In Rennes, France.

    WestIndieCollective with the help of 3hitcombo are hosting a jam at ‘Ateliers du Vent’.
    More info at:

  33. norwigi says:

    Seems like there is nothing happening in Denmark. I know I, and possibly a few others, will be doing this @ ITU in Copenhagen. So now you know where to go to find fellow jammers if you are in the area 😉

  34. outlawpoet says:

    Anyone in the Los Angeles area, Crashspace will be open all weekend while I try to manage this, it’s not an official event, but there will be at least two of us there, starting with a game brainstorming tonight at 7 after the theme is announced.

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