Live Ludum Dare 24 Video Streams

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August 13th, 2012 9:56 am

Viewers, look below. Participants, post a comment with a link to your live video stream.

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  1. bigbass1997 says:

    Just like last year I will be streaming all 48 hours! I will be taking breaks during the stream though.
    The stream will start about 10-15minutes before the contest begins.

  2. quill18 says:

    3rd LD, 3rd time streaming!

    CAUTION: I have ~22k subscribers on YouTube, so the chat can get a bit crowded. Fun times though!

  3. Nick Cash says:

    2nd LD. We had some great stream interaction last time, hopefully this time is even better! :)

  4. Folis says:

    Sixth time’s the second charm!

    For watching me in my madness go here:

  5. Luck of the day games says:

    I’m goin to be live streaming here:

  6. Fififox says:

    You’ll find me over here:

  7. CNIAngel says: 😀

  8. TehSkull says: If you tune in before the LD starts, you might catch me showing my friends how Binding of Isaac is meant to be played.

  9. JaydenB says: Hope to stream the whole time I’ve developing while talking to friends on Skype!

  10. Jeremy Stark says:

    I will be streaming at I wont be going all the time, but most of the time.

  11. Nidjo123 says:

    I’ll probably stream on my channel: The quality’s not gonna be so good (480p) because my upload speed is miserable.

  12. Lucariatias says:
    First time livestreaming, but I’ll see what I can manage.

  13. hoggydoggy says:
    streaming there check it out for a few seconds

  14. ChrizC says:

    First LD, first stream. 50 viewer cap but I’m relatively unknown so you won’t have to struggle for a spot;

  15. Vircung says:

    I’m going to stream @ . This will be my first stream and i’m unknown so visitors are welcome :)

  16. Fritzendugan says:

    I’ll be streaming. Not sure what kind of environment I’ll be using yet. I might keep it bare-bones/simple yet portable and go plain HTML5 WebGL and JavaScript.

    Anyhoo, here’s the link:

  17. grimpunch says:

    I’ll be on
    I’m grimpunch of grimpunch games, probably going to use Unity or Flash. :)
    This is my 2nd LD , gonna be fun

  18. michax says:

    I’ll be on
    Already started with warmup game.

  19. mappum says:

    My stream is at

    Thanks for watching! 😀

  20. ZeDrak says:

    I’ve never streamed before, and this will be my first Ludum Dare.. Hopefully an interesting experience for anyone who wants to tune in. :)

  21. _Milligan says:

    Hello all. This will be my 1st Ludum Dare attempt.

    My stream will be at

    At this point i am torn between using XNA and Java (LWJGL + Slick), but in ether case be prepared for horrendous programmer art and audio via Paint.NET and SFXR…

  22. Skyllartor says:

    Will be Streaming Like I have been the last few days. 😀 Have some awesome plans in store… @

  23. jayitinc says:

    I will be streaming from the 23-26(or 27th) at

    This is my first ludum dare.

  24. NateAGeek says:

    I may do some streaming when I have something to show.

  25. JaydenB says:

    Well, I will be livestreaming my whole progress, not sure where though. Will either use pro, or use Google Hangout for my youtube Channel 😀 Come watch me code and stuffs 😛

  26. Windryu121 says:

    This shall be my first LD I will be streaming here on the 27 and most likely all 48 hour with break of course or if I may give Google Hangout a shot. I hope I am able to make something interesting!

  27. psypol says:


    i would be interested to watch a stream using a GAME MAKER/CREATOR tool
    (no pure coding – Event Based)

    like CONSTRUCT2, TORQUE, StencylWorks, Virtools, YoyoGames GameMaker, etc etc

    Any streamer matching my needs please give me a sign 😉

  28. MattySVN says:

    My first Ludumdare i will be streaming at And i will be making a game in 48 hours come and watch me! It will be fun! :)

  29. laubori says:

    My first real livestream. Timezone: GMT +1 Twitter: @laubori


    You can expect good music ;D

  30. cafaxo says:

    I will be streaming as much as I can at

    It’s my first time to participate at this contest, so don’t expect too much!
    My programming environment will consist of Eclipse + Java. The only external library I’ll be using is LWJGL.

  31. myachin says:

    Omsky Ludum Dare massive jam in Omsk, Russia.

  32. bablo says:

    Going live one or two hours after the start ( start is 4am in my timezone so might be asleep when the whistle blows).
    You can see my stream here:

    Stream is going to be live for the whole weekend.

    Going to be using unity and programming in c#. Using 3dsmax for modeling and photoshop for texturing. Also trying to do some kind of music in musagi.

    Every like minded people, please join and chat with me during the weekend.
    Good luck everyone. o/

  33. KEFIR says:

    Going to code in as3 using only pure flash platform!
    Stream at

  34. mocker says:

    I’ll try to stream at using flash + node.js. I’m new to streaming and probably won’t have any viewers so anyone that wants to pop in and say hi over the weekend

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