Ludum Dare 24 “Theme Slaughtering”

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August 12th, 2012 1:04 pm

It’s Theme Slaughtering Week!!

Our favorite sauce s0s went out of his way and set this up for us. Click the link below and help us bring over 6000 submitted themes down to a more reasonable 100.

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Go go!

[ Suggested Themes (all 6200’ish), Theme Suggestion Post ]

36 Responses to “Ludum Dare 24 “Theme Slaughtering””

  1. jellonator says:

    You don’t know the gamedev community very well until you slaughter some themes…

  2. jellonator says:

    Holy crap, so many sexual innuendos in there.

  3. Zelen3d says:

    Should “Music” or “Music & Rythme” be slaughtered?

    • iandioch says:

      No to Music, yes to Music and Rhythm.
      Music could result in some interesting games (“Mike the Minim VS. The SemiQuaver Squadron”, “Pop Battles”, “Balarina Brawl”).
      Music and Rhythm, however, might point the dev towards a rhythm-based game. It’s a little too limiting, but just ‘Music’ could work imho.

  4. epaik says:

    Nice approach!

    My suggestion for getting better user participation: Keep track of how many themes the user has judged so far. A little gamification goes a long way.

  5. MadGnomeGamer says:

    Great idea!


    Its also a rather addictive game… click …. click … click… but you know its not mindless… click…because every click … click …counts.

    I deny spending 2 hours single-handedly raising the bar 3 percentage points. 😛

  6. dr_soda says:

    Goodness, that’s filling up quickly.

    I have to say though, that I see a ridiculous number of repeats. Surely there are more than the seemingly 200 or so that it cycles through?

    • Setech says:

      According to Excel, there are about 2000 duplicate entries. That’s 1/3rd the population of the list.. ridiculous.

      • dr_soda says:

        That may be true, but it doesn’t account for the number of times I’ve seen “bag of dicks”, “more butts”, “chibi”, “none shall pass”, “50 Shades of Gray”, or any of the others that pops up with astonishing frequency despite being in the list only once.

        • sorceress says:

          The themes you’ve mentioned don’t stand out to me as appearing especially often. But probability can do that. It’s like when you pick 20 people at random, it’s more likely than not that two will share a birthday.

          For every N themes you’re given, there are N(N-1)/2 pairs. So with 2500 themes, you only need N>50 and you would expect to see past themes popping up again and again.

  7. Ashkin says:

    The ‘SLAUGHTER’ button seems a little overpowered- only takes one guy bursting in and being selfish to end up with a handful of stupid themes, if I understand it correctly.

    • Sos says:

      There’s room for that since we have to pick 100 themes from a list of about 3k.

      Also, from 6k suggestions, around 2k were dictionary entries spam, and around 1k from the rest were duplicates. That left 2,900-ish themes for the slaughter.

      Also, the counter reached 100%, meaning 100,000 votes were given in under a day, this is ridiculous. The results for now are really cool and I’m making backups every now and then. If someone goes rogue on the thing, I will use the last backup.

  8. Gjarble says:

    I love this idea so much. I noticed a few really good ones in there; hopefully they’ll make it to the top! Would it be possible to have a “Pass” button? I refreshed the page to generate a new one a couple times where I wasn’t comfortable judging a particular theme as good or bad… then I noticed the parameters in the URL and realized I probably accidentally cast some double-votes. For now I’m just copy-pasting the parameter-less URL for that purpose; I’m assuming that doesn’t do anything undesired.

  9. Madball says:

    Some themes are not interesting, but some make me smile. Since theme suggestion was in previous LDs, why didn’t I see similar themes in voting?

  10. Hiarc_Games says:

    now that its over, id just like to point out that this could be hacked with a for loop and some ajax :), but other than that i found quite a few good themes, some bad, most slaughtered.

  11. Jiggawatt says:

    >18th century celebrities
    >things in pockets
    >swifting game version
    >Apply directly on the burn
    >combat wombat
    >Everybody Hates Chris
    >mars rocket tattoo


  12. spooks says:

    I feel a lot of this could’ve been avoided if a Captcha was used

  13. Kill list is at 100% 😀 Is there any reason to continue pressing buttons?

  14. heuermh says:

    This is more fun than making a game in 48 hours!

    ok, not quite.

  15. Jezzamon says:

    Do you think limiting theme suggestions to just 1 per person would be a good idea? People would probably spend more time trying to think of good ones..

  16. So, at some point, there was a poor-man’s captcha added:

    Two + Two + Two – Two = ???

    The results of the captcha can also be found in the file.

    PLEASE tell me that this captcha changed over the course of the submission process, and we aren’t all really THAT BAD at math 😛

  17. Dietrich Epp says:

    You may want to cap the number of results listed. 150 would be great. I’m not very interested in the bottom ones. Sometimes literally “bottom” ones: “2471. Butt sex”.

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