Hey everyone, this is Jeremiah aka CaptainKraft and I’m an aspiring game developer (obviously).

I’ve only got one finished game under my belt so far but I figured Ludum Dare would be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and get my ass in gear.

For my first LD48 the goal is just to get a finished product submitted in time. I’m excited to give it a shot.

  • Language: HTML/CSS/Javascript with Construct 2
  • IDE: Construct 2 and Gedit
  • Graphics: The GIMP
  • Sound: SFXR/BFXR/Audacity (very little experience with sound, so no clue what I’m doing)

On another note, I’ve got most of my experience in Java, but I’m considering giving HTML5/Javascript a shot for the competition. Do you guys think that 2 weeks is enough time to get a good feel for the language/s?

Edit: Added the stuff I’ll be using above.

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  1. FelipeTavares says:

    Javascript is really simple. I put it on the same level of python. For game programming you don’t need a ultra-deep knowledge of the language. You will feel than Javascript is a lot more easy than Java. HTML5 is like a graphics lib, but sometimes easier, sometimes harder. Although all of this, it’s better to keep using a language than you’re fluent, but sometimes it’s fun to learn a new thing in a competition! :)

  2. welshpixie says:

    Best of luck! ^.^

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