Ludum Dare 36
The Theme is:
Ancient Technology

The Compo ends in
Solo, from scratch, with source, in 48 hours.

The Jam ends in
Solo and Teams, relaxed, 72 hours.

Almost Forgot Mah Tools

Posted by (twitter: @iandioch)
August 11th, 2012 6:06 am

So I posted down there somewhere about how I am planning to enter, but it may still not happen. (Thanks for the suggestions btw. I’ll give them a go…). But, I just remembered; I totally forgot to say what I’m going to use if I do manage to take part!

I’ll be coding in Processing, because it’s simply amazing. I encourage you all to try it.

Any graphics will be done either in-code (as that is what Processing is best at), or in Paint.NET.

Sounds? Unlikely. If I do use sound, I’ll be using the Minim sound library for Processing. The sounds would probably be from sfxr. (I keep hearing about bfxr, but haven’t tried it out yet :3). But my brief adventures in Minim ended with uncountable errors, so I think I’ll take the safe route and go sound-free (unless I have the game finished in the first 24 hours and have plenty of time to fiddle!).

So: Wish me luck! And good luck to you too!

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  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    (Any time, I enjoy helping people. It makes them think better of me so that when I become a commercial developer I’ll get more money and be that much closer to world domination.)

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