Switch: a (very) late Contrast entry!

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August 10th, 2012 8:36 am

Hello everyone,

I made a mini-game called “Switch”. It was meant to be for the MiniLD 36 with the theme Contrasts, but I was busy then and could not get to work on the game. I still wanted to make the game though and I finished it today in Processing (I love Processing; almost no “housekeeping” code).

How to play: Move the mouse so that the green ball only travels on the white areas. Click to swap black for white and vice versa. Press ‘r’ to reset the game. Try to finish the track!

Here is a link: http://switch.netai.net/

Nat —||—

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  1. Jeremias says:


    Funny game. Here things I want to suggest:

    – after a while the screen changes complete, this was extremely confusing (bug?)
    – it would be better if there is always a path where you lost no life instead of these diagonal jumpings (but this is your decision ^^)
    – I think it is bad to punish the player because he chose a wrong path. At the time he made the decision, he doesn’t know if this path ends in black or in a save, white area.
    – bonus items would be funny: slow down the moving for a moment, refill life, increase the amount of white areas etc.

  2. iandioch says:

    Ah, Processing! Always nice to see what other people are doing with it.
    It’s an interesting idea, and it was implemented nicely. It was a bit tough to figure out a way to get through, but it was nicely presented.
    If it was me, I would add grey blocks that were safe for the player, and didn’t change when you click. They could act as stepping-stones between white and black areas 😀
    It was fairly fun, although I had no clue what the bars at the edges of the screen were about.
    Also, might I suggest http://www.staticvoidgames.com as a place to upload your games. It’s a games site specifically for Java and Processing, and the guy who runs it is really helpful. Just a tip, do with it what you will 😀
    So, yeah. Switch was good. I myself made a spaceship platformer for the miniLD, but I think your game was better :3

  3. Natanijel says:

    Thanks for the comment and the idea 😀

    The blue bar is a visual representation of the distance left and the green bar represents your health! What is your game called?

    Nat :)

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