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August 10th, 2012 12:09 pm

ok,im going to be in the ludum dare…and i ask myself one question…HOW AM I GOING TO POST MY SOURCE IN GM?!?!

let me clarify: gamemaker is a DRAG AND DROP application…but since there is gml (witch ill be using,dont worry!) can i post the source i have in gml insted of the drag and drop actions,or do i have to show ALL the source? if so,then cant i make it open sourced insted of .exe? but if i do use .exe,how am i going to show the drag and drop source?

if you have any ideas please help me! and those who have experience with ludums with gamemaker please help me! D;

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  1. I would think that zipping up and submitting the working gamemaker file (.gm8 or whatever the current extension is) counts since it contains all your scripts and drag and drop actions and such.

    • TehSkull says:

      I was going to say what Nedort said, but this seems like a much better idea.

    • mohammad says:

      but how would others be able to play it if they had to download gamemaker before playing?

      • pythong says:

        you submit both in two seperate links. when you submit your game, you can submit up to five links. the assumed links are
        – windows
        – os x
        – linux
        – web
        – source
        but you can write what you want. most people just go with windows + source, and that’s what you would do, too (one link with the .exe, one link with the source). so that people who just want to play your game will click the link to windows, and people who want to see your source code click the other link. also, if you want to participate in the 48h compo, not the jam, you should post your source anyway or you might get really bad ratings as it would disrespect the community

  2. NedortGames says:

    Screenshots of every object and whats put inside

  3. CaptainIcy says:

    Yeah, just submit the final game maker project file as Source and submit the EXE as the game or whatever. :)

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