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August 10th, 2012 9:16 pm


This will be our second LD, and our second game.

We poured our whole weekend and hearts our first game last time. It was rough sleeping so late and waking up as early as possible to keep going the next day. Bouncing ideas around and trying to make something that people would enjoy. Cake really outdid herself with the art style for the game and the feedback was incredible. There were criticisms about the difficulty that were not to be overlooked. We ate when we could and did our best to focus our efforts. In retrospect Cake handled so much of the social media front as well damn near all of the game assets. I was so caught up in the programming side of things that I didn’t even realize it. Thanks for picking up my slack.

Was it worth it? Hell yes it was. Why else would we be coming back for more? Hopefully we can do some things differently this time and make something even better! Another rough weekend is on the horizon but it will be another amazing experience as well.

If you too are going to participate, I can’t wait to see what you can do. If you are on the fence, why? You do not want to pass us this opportunity. I hope to also see your creations out there in the submissions.

Thank you all for making LD what it is and good luck preparing in the coming weeks!


OH GOSH, it’s that time again! This is pretty much our second game…like…EVER and we’re so excited to jump back in and get this madness started all over again! This time we do have the unfortunate disadvantage of having to work apart from each other, since I’ve moved up to the bay area to start my grad program. (Last time we pretty much sat next to each other for 72 hours. Yeah, it’s ridiculous.) But that won’t stop us from learning from our mistakes last time and kicking butt this time around! :)

I’m confident Zeik is going to work his amazing magic and help bring our vision to life. He worked endlessly last time, practically being too busy to eat. (I got runner duty and had to fetch food most of the time. XD) I spent the last month collecting inspiration for the art style for our new game. Here’s a hint: I expect this game to be a lot more colorful! After placing 17th in the Art category for Pow! Pow! Pow!, I feel like I have a lot to live up to. Here’s crossing my fingers for the best!

Language: Actionscript
Creative Tools: Photoshop + Illustrator CS6
Music: Not sure yet. We’re waiting to hear back from our music guy if he’s doing it or not!


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