I’m in. I hope.

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August 10th, 2012 12:29 pm

So, I ‘competed’ in the last miniLD. That was my first experience of a gamejam, and it was fantastic. I’ve been looking at the big-boy’s proper full-on Ludum Dare for a long time, with dreams of entering. I think this is the one. 24 Here I come.

So, here we go:

I’m in.

I hope.

I could code all day long, but nobody else in the house understands. They don’t even know what a jam is, and what it means to me.  So, knowing my luck, the jam weekend will be the one where my mother decides to kick me off the computer or my brother decides he wants to spend all day playing his god-awful golf sim.

If it were up to me, I’d be coding for every one of the 48 hours.  But, life tends to jump in the way every time I try.

So, fingers crossed, hopes up, star firmly wished upon.

I’m in.

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  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    You know what, then? Explain it to them. Explain that becoming a game developer is your dream and you want to make sure no one gets in the way. Some specific tips:

    -Build anticipation, let them know you’re doing it. Mark it on the calendar. Let them know you can’t do anything else that day, and, better yet, visually show your excitement. Your parent/parents might even be happy you’re taking up an interest.
    -For your brother, make it so he is interested in what you do. This works on my brother. He seems to like playing games, hmm? Let him play test it. This way, he’s on the computer and helping you at the same time. Make it so he’s constantly asking you, “What does it do now? Show me!” This sounds like it might annoy you, but it actually can become a bit of a motivator.
    -Lastly, show them around the site a bit. Show them the rules, make sure they firmly understand what a game jam is. They only don’t know because, frankly, you haven’t made a good enough effort to show them. The rules page is a good place to start.

    Keeping it an experience the entire family is happy about is what gets you the time you need. There’s no harm in letting them in to your private life every once in a while. Best of luck to you, my friend.

  2. heuermh says:

    Good luck, fellow Processing dude.

    Finding time for LD doesn’t get any easier even when yer old and married and have kids. Puzzlem00n is giving good advice — get your family involved in it.

  3. RawBits says:

    See I ‘m always thinking that I don’t have good enought equpment or money, time, anything but in these events you talk other people and I always convince myself I am just lazy, that’s all!

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