I’m HALF in…!

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August 10th, 2012 4:59 am

Hello LDer’s!

So this time around I thought I’d get involved and actually make something for a change and I really can’t wait for it, the only problem this time around is that I’m also heading to Unite which ends the day that LD begins. So I may get some time after I’m back to create something within the timeframe (which I think might even be 24 hours by the time I’m back in the UK)

However, I will be submitting something, even if it’s terrible!

Tools of choice this time around are:

  • Unity
  • Monodevelop (Pretty much because it comes bundled with Unity..)
  • Some sort of music / sound synthesizer (any suggestions?)
  • Cubes – Because every good prototype is made with just cubes right (more because I have the artistic talent of a ham sandwich)
  • Twitch.tv for streaming
  • Something to screen-capture to

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what everyone comes out with this time around and can’t wait to get to making some games!

(Also if your heading to Unite, give me a shout!)

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  1. soulrot says:

    Aww and here I thought I was going to be original with my cube-based Unity game :( Ah well I suppose I could make another Minecraftish game because there aren’t that many clones yet… Anyway “good luck and have fun” 😛

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