We’re in. With a twist…

August 9th, 2012 5:15 am

Last time I did not quite finish because I spent too much time on the graphics. The game engine I used was OpenSLUDGE, which made the game creation part easy, so I felt the “substance” had to come from the writing and look. If I had to go back and do it again… I probably would end up doing the same though, and in LD24 I see myself making the same mistake – I know no other way. So my new plan is this: Ahem ahem…

First up, going for the Jam instead of the 48 hour compo. Secondly, I am getting help, but this is where it might get a bit interesting. I am co-owner of a Minecraft (& other) community at http://indiesquish.com/ and we have some talented builders on there. I also have been playing with the idea of using Minecraft as an oversized voxel editor, the results of which are shown in the pic below. Notice how the final output does not resemble the original build.

I convert the Minecraft world into a Wavefront object using a util called mcobj, and then render it in Blender. I use orthographic rendering because I like it, so nyah.

The idea is to have our whole community participating in the event, building buildings, landscapes, characters, spaceships, whatever is required from scratch. We’ll have several live streams going, and several time lapse recordings. It’ll be a grand experiment.

Here’s a standard flatworld with two villages:

So in summary:

– Game built using OpenSLUDGE engine.
– Voxel art drawn using Minecraft by a bucketload of excited kids (and a few big kids)
– Converted to mesh using mcobj
– Game graphics rendered in Blender
– Sound, will get back to ya. 😉

IMPORTANT: No assets from Minecraft end up in the final output. It’s just coloured cubes with no textures on them.

12 Responses to “We’re in. With a twist…”

  1. JaydenB says:

    This actually is a pretty smart idea. Dam, now I can’t steal it 😛

  2. Zanzlanz says:

    I like this idea as well! Hope it turns out well! I do like the approach :)
    The problem is, you’re thinking about your game even before you know what the theme is.

    • welshpixie says:

      Only how to build it – not what to actually build. :) It’s Minecraft – we (I say ‘we’ cuz I’m one of the other owners of IndieSquish so I’ll be involved :D) can pretty much build anything. As Rusty said in the post – “building buildings, landscapes, characters, spaceships, whatever is required from scratch”.

  3. JaydenB says:

    Holy crap, I didn’t realize it was rusty and welshpixie xD And thanks, maybe I might try using this in my game….

  4. VAMflax says:

    Looks lovely!! And way clever too!!

  5. 7heSAMA says:

    Really like your idea, you sound like an awesome community admin 😀

  6. Jiyko says:

    Fantastic idea, I will be watching those streams. :)

  7. AD-Edge says:

    Nice idea! Building the game levels/map in minecraft?! Actually turns out really nice and simplistic with the single colour shading as well. Will have to keep an eye out for progress on this one when Ludum Dare starts up :)

  8. captainkraft says:

    Pretty cool idea. Innovation is awesome!

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