ZEngineLite progress

Posted by (twitter: @@felipeoltavares)
August 8th, 2012 7:51 pm

Hi guys!

I’m developing my engine to this LD in C++ and OpenGL. For anyone interested I will post it here when it get stable.

The current features are:

Custom format (Z3D). This format supports: mesh, normals and UV (At this time limited to only triangle meshes)
    Exporter for Z3D format for Blender3d
    GLSL shading (vertex and fragment shaders)
    Input from keyboard and mouse
    Intuitive system where all things in the screen are objects with step() and draw() methods
    More coming out…

This engine is an adaptation from my old one (2D) to work with OpenGL.

To show something more “visual”, look at this demo than I made in 2-3 hours (I’m not so good in Blender)

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