I am IN!

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August 6th, 2012 2:05 pm

The Ludum Dare 24 falls on the 25-26, correct? If so, I am in it! It falls *right* ahead of when I move in to college (23rd) and *right* before my first class (27th). This should allow me time.

Anyway, this will be my fifth Ludum Dare, so I should try to bring something special to the table… but I don’t exactly know what I would bring… -_- I know! I’ll make an RPG, no matter the theme! That will be my restriction! Also, I will refuse to touch AutoTracker scripts, unless I have no music with less than an hour remaining. This way, I must actually make my music!

Anyway… obligatory equipment post…
Language: GML (IDE: GameMaker 8.1 Standard)
Graphics editing: Paint.NET, Paint Tool SAI, Anim8or
Sound editing: Schism Tracker, SFXR, Audacity, winLAME
OS: Windows 7

Next time, I’ll try to use PyGame and make the game cross-platform. :) However, Windows will remain my development OS for a while even if I do use a cross-platform language because SAI refuses to work outside of Windows, even when I have Linux Bamboo drivers (I do not own a Mac).

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