New to Ludum Dare : First game jam ever (?)

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August 5th, 2012 3:56 pm

Hello everyone, I’m very new here, I shyly see things from far since quite a long time…But I now really want to get involved !

I don’t know how everything exactly works but I’m gonna really digg everything next weekend.

If I made an attempt (will prepare for LD #24), I will probably use Html5/Javascript, pixel art graphics (did I mention I loooove Pixel Art) made with gimp, and hopefully some beep with sfxr.

With a bit of excitment and nervosity : Cheeeers !

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  1. Folis says:

    It’s not that hard to understand, I’ll explain it to you :)

    So, there are different steps during each compo:

    First we have the theme suggestion – This is happening right now, a lot of people suggest potentially fun themes for about a week or so.

    Second we have the theme voting – This step starts about 5-6 days before the actual compo. Everyday we get a new voting round, with a cut down list of the suggested themes. You can rate in 3 ways:

    – 1 (Negative)
    0 (Neutral)
    1 (Positive)

    Then, in the final round, the top 20 themes will be picked and voted on again.

    After the final round, the compo starts – This is where all the fun begins. And where things go out of hand. The theme is announced, the site usually dies, the IRC crowd (400+ people) goes wild, and there’s a lot of new tweets for the #LD48 hashtag.

    After the theme announcement it’s time to get working – This part should explain itself: You make a game in 48/72 hours. Hehe. (If Notch takes part, the site may crash again, we had that before)

    Then comes the submission deadline – Usually you have about an hour after the compo to submit your game, you do this here on the site. (Which may crash again, it’s rather common)

    And as a final step comes the rating – The rating phase lasts about 2 weeks, everybody plays some games, rates them, comments on them – all that fun stuff. And after these 2 weeks, the winner is announced.

    That’s it. An ordinary LD compo. :)

    As a final word: Welcome to Ludum Dare! Have fun, and make something great! We can’t wait to play your game!

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