Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 24

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August 4th, 2012 5:13 pm

It’s that time again… actually a few days later than that (thanks for the prod Sorceress), but it’s time to suggest themes for the upcoming Ludum Dare event!


We’ll keep suggestions open for about a week, then begin pre-filtering shortly after. Suggest a theme today!

50 Responses to “Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 24”

  1. MadGnomeGamer says:

    Everybody: Evoloution of Kitten Fishing! 😀

  2. bobbobowitz says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve actually been able to submit ideas for a theme. First things that came to my mind:
    Power tools

    Mostly because I feel like we would have some fun game mechanics with something that’s restricting but pretty open-ended at the same time.

  3. hamster_mk_4 says:

    What will the pre-voting culling consist of? Limits on words, letters, ect… Also are we encouraged to throw as many ideas at you as possible, or shall we limit to one or two per head?

  4. sorceress says:

    What will the pre-voting culling consist of? Limits on words, letters, ect

    It depends who does it. When I did the culling last time, I went through the list by hand and deleted duplicates, spam, and any distasteful suggestions. Also anything else too silly to be a viable theme. I was quite liberal with what I let through, such that we ended up with a list of >1000.

    I could have done a better job of removing duplicates because some themes were quite similar to one another. I should have made an algorithm for that.

    Then we had the pre-voting slaughter (hosted by Sosowski) to identify the top 100 from that list.

    Also I didn’t realise I was supposed to have removed past LD themes as well. I thought those would have been filtered out after the slaughter, so some of those got through to the final 100. It was a bit of a rush that evening iirc. :)

  5. Henry McLaughlin says:

    I’m going to try to come up with as many ideas as I can as a creative exercise.

    That is, as many viable themes as I can, not just random nonsense. Don’t want to make *too* much muck for the pre-voting.

  6. McFunkypants says:

    YAHOOOOOO! Theme voting is one of my favourite parts of any Ludum Dare.

    Remember to think outside the box. Here are a few pointers:

    – if your theme is longer than three words, it will be culled
    – if your theme is a “restriction” (size, palette, tool) it will be culled
    – if your theme was used in a previous compo, it will be culled

    Always a bridesmaid, never a bride: some themes are destined to always be in the top ten but can never make it to number one:

    – evolution
    – kittens
    – fishing

    I can’t wait to see the awesome theme ideas you come up with. I’m going to submit a couple roght now.

  7. Denifia says:

    Doh, due to those restrictions, one of my themes will be culled. Oh well, the other 5 may get through 😀

    I’m scheduling in some time to actually participate in this LD. It’s gonna be great!!

  8. Zanzlanz says:

    I’m so excited for my first full Ludum Dare! Last time I was able to vote on some themes, but this is the first time I can submit and take part in the competition! ;D

    So excited….

  9. hamster_mk_4 says:

    If you are going to make a culling algorithm for word count, can you skip words like: a, the, are, is, which, that, can? That way we can have theme suggestions that are grammatically correct while still begin vague enough to allow creativity.

  10. mindbrk; says:

    Hm, there’s no captcha. Someone could easily make a script to paste a whole dictionary :>

  11. thatshelby says:

    Are we not allowed to see the themes already suggested this time around?

  12. Henry McLaughlin says:

    Well, 228 theme suggestions and I’m out of ideas. Still quite a few for one person, though.

  13. mohammad says:

    finnaly! why not make the theme this year……..NON-LINIAR SANBOX GAMEPLAY!!!!!
    or physics as a wepon….WHOS WITH ME PPL!
    plus dis will be my first ludum! i just learned ALOT of gml and i a READY!
    bring on the 3-d libraries!!!!!!!!

  14. mohammad says:

    i know a theme…FRIENDSHIP!
    okay…. politics!
    *HEEL NO!*
    umm…………cute animals?
    *good good….*

  15. Chinchilla says:

    Booooooo… I wanna see what other people have posted!

  16. hamster_mk_4 says:

    I remember the number of troll responses there were when the suggestion list was public. While I would like to see what people are suggesting, I would rather this list not get bloated by people who just want attention. Besides we will get to see the results during voting anyway.

  17. Henry McLaughlin says:

    My theme suggestions:

  18. shayl says:

    The only one I can think of at the moment is:

    “very itchy”

  19. Yut says:

    I thought “Negative Space” would be a versatile and fun theme to go with.

  20. iandioch says:

    Does ‘one-button games’ count as a restriction? I personally don’t think so, but I can see how some people might disagree. I’ve entered it anyway; what do you guys think?

  21. captainkraft says:

    Time Travel ftw! I want one million Dr. Who games!

  22. perruci says:

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