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August 3rd, 2012 1:08 pm

My first Ludum Dare was #19, which I did solo (lots of fun). The community is so helpful and not super-competitive, and it felt great to be part of the competition. I missed the next Ludum Dare, and stopped following the competition for a while. A friend of mine reminded me a week before LD#22 that it was coming up soon, and we ended up having lots of fun making a game together. I had to miss #23 because of other obligations, but I should be able to do #24, hopefully with the same friend!

Outside of Ludum Dare, I’ve been working on some other games. One is finished, and I’m writing a website to publish it and future games on. Once it’s finished and up, I’ll post a link so everyone here can check it out! We’ll have a free game or two, and others that have a set price so that we can pay for hosting and make some profit.
My tools for Ludum Dare and game development in general:
-Either Xcode or KDE Kate for text editing
-C++ and SFML
-bash/g++ for compiling
-Code::Blocks for a Windows build (maybe I’ll use it the whole way through as an IDE)
-MilkyTracker and FL Studio for music
Hope to be a part of the wonderful Ludum Dare community again on the 24th!

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