It’s been a while! Back in the judging period of LD23, I promised I would make a post-compo version of Recluse – one with sound and bug fixes – but I was too busy with college back then. Well, I finally manged to work on the game, and here it is!

You can download the new version in the entry page – in the same links as usual. (I’ve included the original compo versions inside the RAR files, so that shouldn’t be a problem)

To make up for the long time without any update, I also decided to include a whole new game mode for those who are bad enough dudes to find all secret collectibles in the game. This should be enough reason for people who have already played Recluse to download it again, and in case you still haven’t, this is also a great opportunity to try it out for the first time.

Changes in the new game:

  • Sound.
  • A new game mode, activated when you collect all secrets and finish the game.
  • Adjustments on the difficulty and controls.
  • Some new animations where it was needed.
  • 4 hidden collectibles instead or 3.
  • Bug fixes.

Unfortunately, the screen flashing (which is not intentional) was the only bug that couldn’t be solved. On the other hand, I managed to change the color of those flashes from white to purple, which made them less intense.

Well, I hope you enjoy it!

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6 Responses to ““Recluse Post-compo version released!” or “Expand your horizons even more!””

  1. Rabbits... says:

    This game is so much fun! thank you for upgrading it…

  2. Dramble says:

    Really liked the new game mode.

  3. Red_Holden says:

    I found a bug when playing it. I played through the original level and got all the collectibles and then went to play the new game mode (without quitting the program) and when I died in the new game mode (on the first enemy) I was teleported to another part of the map (on the far left) with 4 hearts and all my powers.

    • chambers says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. I just corrected the bug here, but I will only be able to upload the new file by tomorrow night.

      I hope it hasn’t spoiled your experience (you can still access the secret mode by closing the game, re-opening it, and entering the code you learned when you finished the first game). Sorry about that!

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