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July 29th, 2012 2:20 pm

I would like to hear comments from the community what things they do to help inspire their games, whether it would be doodling, staring at their favorite model, messing around with a laser pointer near a cat.  No comment here is too crazy or simple!

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  1. jovoc says:

    When the theme is announced, I typically will set up a new project, get things compiling and get a main loop and stuff setup without any idea of the topic.

    Then I go for a walk around the neighborhood for 20-30 minutes to come up with an idea.

    Other techniques I sometimes use are doodling (try it with your non-dominant hand for extra creativity) and mind-mapping, but I find that is better for scoping the game once I’ve settled on an idea.

    In any case, don’t spend too much time on it (daydreaming). I always set a deadline time that if I haven’t come up with an idea by say two hours after the contest start, then I’ll just start on a platformer or zelda clone or something and see where it evolves from there.

  2. mohammad says:

    i dont really get any insiration from games,nor from anything else…i just wait for it to come. although memes play a role,they dont make the game…

  3. MadGnomeGamer says:

    I do two things:

    First, i grab a pencil and paper and wildly scribble down any and all thoughts about the theme, until i have 3 or 4 ideas to work with. Then I go from there.

    Or, if I happen to have a really awesome unused idea kicking around that fits the theme perfectly
    that is just a cool idea with no code made for it, i try and adapt it to the theme. This has only happened once so far for Ludum Dare.

  4. Folis says:

    I usually scribble on a piece of paper, to get ideas.
    Afterwards I look at different kinds of sprites and other pixel art, to decide my graphics style.
    Then I start coding.

    About midway into the contest I usually scrap the original idea, and go for something completely different.

  5. digital_sorceress says:

    I think I have quite a unique design style: I make games with low-poly geometry and which feel kind of gothic (emotionally numb, and slightly eerie), and that style plays a strong role in whatever inspiration I have.

    I also like classic gameplay so I like to borrow mechanics from established genres. Innovation is risky because I find it often leads to trashy gameplay.

    I also like complexity, so I prefer to make games that have some complexity in them, eg, puzzle components; or weighing up short term gains vs long term consequences; or considering different combinations of items working in synergy.

    My inspiration mostly comes from within, from thinking how I can successfully combine abstract concepts like these.

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