Pyxel Edit public beta

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July 22nd, 2012 11:22 am

Pyxel Edit is a pixel art/tileset editor I put up an early version of before the last LD. It was rushed and pretty damn broken in many ways but people still seemed to find it useful.

All the positive feedback I got made me want to fix it so I decided to take the version down to do it right. I have been working on it since then, rewriting  a big part of the code base and adding a lot of features. There’s now also a site for the project at where you can download it.

It’s made in Adobe AIR so it runs on Win and Mac, not Linux, sorry. (I have been told it runs in WINE though)
There is also a captive runtime version at the site if you don’t want to install AIR.

I’d love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestions for features or anything else (maybe I can add it before the next LD!).

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  1. Wiering says:

    Just tried it, really nice program!

    I noticed something strange with the transparancy: if you set it to be very low and you start drawing with white (on an empty area), you get grey and it gets darker and darker! (I recently had something similar with stage3d shaders and the solution for me was to divide RGB by Alpha).

    And a little bug: View – Reset Document Window makes the window larger but you can’t draw on the new space (manually resizing the window works fine though).

  2. Wiering says:

    For me it happens always: start pyxeledit, maximize the window, reset document window, then you can only draw on the area of the original size (resize it a little and it works again, so no big problem). I’m working with Windows 7.

    I have a few feature requests:

    The thing I miss most is the ability to draw a tile with a palette shift, I used to use that all the time with my palette-based editor. If you set up the palette right, like all groups of equal size color gradients from dark to light, you can easily use a lighter or darker version of a tile (shift 1 or -1) or use the tile in a different color (only in the current layer). So you could be editing a tile and see different color versions of the same tile be updated in real time.

    Related to that, Sort Palette: back to original order would be nice. Also, in the palette, an easy way to make a smooth gradient (for example from the background color to the foreground color.

    Actually, there are all kinds of nice things you could do if you can select an area of the palette instead of a single color, like drawing with a kind of radial gradient or floodfill with contour gradient like in ProMotion.

    It would also be nice to be able to set the transparency of a layer.

    • Danik says:

      I see what you mean now, I will fix that!

      I’m not sure palette shifts is viable since I’m not using indexed colors, but it’s an interesting idea. The same kind of effect could be made with some kind of color adjustment per layer I guess.

      Being able to make a gradient in the palette from foreground to background color is a good idea, I will probably add that.

      Transparency for layers, maybe!

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