So, I made a Spaceship game called Cruithne (pronounced ‘croo-ih-nyuh’) for miniLD#36. I really loved making it, but on release, people said that it was more than a little bit too hard. I quote @Puzzlem00n here: “I like what you have going here, but this game is so hard it’s ridiculous”.

Sorry guys!

I’ve updated the game with smoother controls, weaker gravity, and a bit less thrust. You can play the updated version on here.

The new version has 3 new (relatively easy) levels (4, 5, 6), to make a grand total of 13ish. If you have any comments, criticism, or proclamations of your undying love, feel free to post them here, or tweet me @iandioch. Don’t be shy!

I might get around to adding another few levels sometime in the future, if you want. My convoluted code makes it a bit awkward, but I’ll suffer it if you ask nicely 😀

Hope you enjoy the game!


3 Responses to “The New Cruithne: less difficult, less twitchy, and more fun!”

  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    YES! I’ve been quoted in my absence!


    I think…

    And yeah, the game’s way easier now. Nice job touching it up!

  2. debarraGaming says:

    Nice Game. Very interesting. I take it then that you’re a fellow Irishman! 😀

  3. iandioch says:

    @debarraGaming Indeed. Cork-born, living in Monaghan. I chose the name Cruithne because of its space-ness. Its Irish roots were just a nice coincidence 😀
    @Puzzlem00n Yeah, it’s easier, but to me, it just doesn’t feel quite as responsive. And if you leave the ship in free-fall, you’ll see that the gravity is pathetic. But, if that makes it playable, then it must be a good thing!

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