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my minecraft server is UP!

Posted by
July 18th, 2012 4:31 pm

join freedomcraft, where freedom means free. adress at

16 Responses to “my minecraft server is UP!”

  1. ZackZak says:

    Herp derp, we need the IP to join. Also this has nothing to do with game development?

  2. mohammad says:

    fine use this then
    see if it works baby

    • Zanzlanz says:

      Your IP is localhost. Only you can use that to play on your server.
      Try to see what your real IP is.
      And everyone else is right – please don’t post Minecraft servers on here simply because it has nothing to do with Ludum Dare or game development.

  3. Nsmurf says:

    1.)Stop spamming.
    2.)don’t give us as “your” ip

  4. Folis says:

    Hey guys, grab a coke and chill out.

    First point: You don’t have to tear this dude apart, just because he made a minecraft post. It may not be appropriate but you don’t need to tell him to “GTFO”. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Nsmurf)

    Second point: Don’t go around bashing GameMaker, jellonator. I’ve seen you do this on a few posts now, and there is no reason to get all mad at it.

    Ludum Dare should be a friendly community, not just a bunch of haters. The next time somebody posts something like this, just kindly tell him, that this is not the right website for this.

  5. MrPhil says:

    ROFL! Nice Troll! Thanks, for the laughs.

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