I’ve done as much as a week will let me

Posted by (twitter: @@TheCodeTroll)
July 15th, 2012 3:53 pm

Although saturday I did nothing, I’ve done as much as a week will let me (and Grant) do!
It’s still got some placeholder art in (neither of us are 2d or 3d artists in the slightest).
And the background music is lifted (though we intend no copyright infringement it is also merely placeholder).

The game showcases exactly what I wanted in it (and a bit more) from the very starting concept/idea.
I’ll probably continue working on it a bit now after this LD and see what I can get done with it!
Maybe (if you guys like it) Submit it to kongregate or something :)
Work on making some cool and mind bending levels etc !

Just compiling it all now for a web, mac, and windows version.
I’m assuming linux users will be able to use the web version, and / or the windows version under wine.

Anyway this has been a BLAST!
Got me well into making something, and getting me out of my slump of not working =p

Next will be a 48 hour attempt!

The music in the game are these two songs :

Will be submitting / uploading ASAP :)

Ryan (The Code Troll) + Grant 😀

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