Finally, something to show !

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July 14th, 2012 1:53 pm

Hi to all !

In deep space near the far corner of the Earth
you are the AI of a reincarnated zombie.
The council of the dead planets societies gave you
the Soul Charge Bullet weapon
to help you destroy the Soul Fire alien race of demons.
Prove your hot japanese neo-girlfriend you can do it.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

 Soul Charge Bullet screenshot

This is my second Ludum Dare and I may be able to deliver something by tomorrow night. I interpreted «Contrast» as one against too many. Not so original, since I believe this is true for 99% of video games.

In Soul Charge Bullet, each level pits against a manic shooter boss and you have only one bullet to take it down, only this bullet can’t be fired so easily : you have to «scratch» against the enemy’s shots to charge your own weapon. When ready, aim and fire : you have only one chance.

What I am happy with so far :

– manic mechanism is pretty robust, no crash, no slowdown ( on my 2011 MacBook Air )

– I can deliver something !

What I am not happy with :

– only one boss so far, hope for three by tomorrow.

– gameplay mechanics are really way too generic especially for such a theme.


Please give it a try. You can find it here. Windows users, please tell me if the windows version works properly since I don’t have a windows machine at hand.


Thanks for reading,

– jujule


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  1. MadGnomeGamer says:

    Sounds cool! I will check it out.

  2. Nsmurf says:

    Works on windows.
    Nice game.

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