Late night post, as usual

Posted by (twitter: @@TheCodeTroll)
July 13th, 2012 6:57 pm

Done a whole bunch more now.
Changed the lightning blocks, and the player, to use some cool shaders.
(cant take credit for the shaders though I found them here)

But they make everything look a little cooler I think.
I’m a bit iffy about the lightning shader purely because I wanted to only have black and white in the game.

BUT I think if this is the only other colour in the game, it makes it stand out, and doesn’t really look out of place at all.

Things I do need to fix though, are:
The physics of the movement, it just doesnt feel right in the air…
Also get round to adding kill box / area to each side, not only the floor.

Once all this is done, I need to rejig some levels, and somehow get some music and sound effects :/
oh dear!
Heres the current build

P.S: If the lightning blocks (level 4 has 4 of them smack right in the middle) , and the player, dont look right
or their shaders dont play nice with your GPHX card, let me know :)

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