3.5 /4 days down! Venturing further!

Posted by (twitter: @@TheCodeTroll)
July 12th, 2012 5:02 pm

Today was a day where nothing felt like it was getting done…
I think there HAS been a lot done, it just went so fast, and felt so empty…

Fixed a whole of of bugs, created more bugs and then fixed even more.
Added a springy block to the game, feels all kinds of wrong at the moment (in my opinion)
Though Grant thinks it works allright (yay for creative difference and opinions!)

Currently 2 builds up of the game, one with an orthographic / 2d / flat camera view,
and one with a zoomed in perspective / 3D  view, will probably make an in game option to switch.

In the process of changing all the base blocks into round cornered hollow blocks with meshes inside
to denote  the block types. (I’m no 3D modeller so using blender makes my eyes bleed :(  )

Anyway, any comments on it would be good 😀

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37694220/contrast/contrast.html  – FLAT 2D feel
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37694220/contrast3D/contrast3D.html – PERSPECTIVE 3D feel

2 Responses to “3.5 /4 days down! Venturing further!”

  1. bug report!

    If you hit a gravity block at speed, the ball’s Z co-ord changes, and you miss every block!

    but in other words, I like how you marked the gravity changing blocks, I like them!

    • TheCodeTroll says:

      the blocks will look like the other (hollow) blocks soon, but with an arrow in the center ^^ white or black.

      The Z depth thing is something trickky to work out, usually the only reason you end up falling off everything on the Z is if you swap colours, and the block comes out of the wall and hits you from behind D: (easier to see on the 3D version)

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