Continuing the venture!

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July 11th, 2012 5:38 pm

Today saw alot of improvement!
Added a gravity shifting mechanic (took no time at all)
which had to manipulate the camera (took way more time).

Added even more block types; an always out and always blocking – type block, the gravity changing block, and a lightning covered block (kills you)

And I spent quite some time making the jumping work really nicely (was a pain in the arse using unity rigid bodies)
Lots of ray casting fun πŸ˜€

Considering this is my first time using unity, and it being a full game, Me and Grant are making amazing progress!

There are lots of polished things I would like to add / do to this game, which are out of scope really down to the limited knowledge of unity, and the fact neither me nor Grant have any art background beyond simple photoshopping.

I’d very much like to use some actual models/meshes, and not just unity balls + cubes.
And have some things normal mapped, but we’ll see Β in the last day how that is looking!

For now, try the updated game :

5 Responses to “Continuing the venture!”

  1. Nsmurf says:


    The instructions should be more detailed though…

  2. TheCodeTroll says:

    just updated it (was a small but fix) with levels, wouldnt go from level 5 onwards without using level select

  3. the3rdc says:

    Loving the update! A little buggy if I miss and fall when the gravity is pointing anywhere other than down. There’s not little line to stop me, so I fall forever and it doesn’t reset.

    • TheCodeTroll says:

      If you press R you restart x) (Yeah I need to add a kill box/ line to the sides and top too haha πŸ˜› )

      Done a bunch more bug fixes today. game feels a lot smoother :)

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