Hey Ryan here and well, this will be my first time doing an LD(mini)!
I’ve not done a game jam for almost 2 years!
University work and stuff always getting in the way. I have always loved jams,
since the first one I did, but I tend to prefer to work in teams during them.

Thats why this mini LD is perfect, I didnt need to do it solo.
I’ve  Teamed up with a good friend from Uni Grant Rule, to make this game.

The theme(Contrast) had me stumped for quite a while, and I eventually went with a fairly cliché
kind of idea to follow, which is basically run with the idea of only using black and white.
Figuring out what I could do with only two colours, I thought of the only obvious thing…
If half of the things in the game are white, and half are black, if the background is black or white, half of the things will seem invisible!

At which point My idea started coming to life and I started drawing.

I wont go into everything thats gone on from then till now, I’ll just post a public link to the (very unpolished)
prototype-y current version!


W or UP to jump
A or LEFT to go left
D or Right to go right
and  SPACE to stop time and swap colour.

Not even sure how many people read random posts by random people, but feel free to comment etc 😛

Will make another post when I get a new build done

2 Responses to “The Code Trolls venture into Ludum Dare land :D Mini-LD#36”

  1. the3rdc says:

    Great idea! Way fun. Reminds me a bit of “shift”, an amazing old flash game and one of my all time favorites. ( http://armorgames.com/play/751/shift/ ) Look forward to seeing updates on this one, I’ll be watching. ; )

    Bug: If I press space twice quickly (like if I freak out in mid-air) it doesn’t seem to ever unfreeze time. Just hangs. I can still keep hitting space and switching between b&w, but I never move again. Thought… Maybe there’s a set delay and each time I switch the delay’s are getting stacked on top of eachother?

    • TheCodeTroll says:

      yeah there was a set delay ^^ completely removed the pause now

      which currently causes the bug that you can spam it :( dont know how to remedy this currently trying.

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