MiniLD #36 – Super-fun entry!

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July 9th, 2012 1:54 am

In past game jam events, I have always felt the jealous stab of pride when it comes to talking about my game idea or theme. I know that when it comes to programming, ideas are cheap and success comes from perspiration, marketing and luck. The ten thousand people and five hundered fully-featured websites that came up with ‘Facebook before Facebook’ can attest to that. That doesn’t make it any easier for me to admit that nobody wants to steal my dumb idea.

So, my simple idea for MiniLD #36 is a top-down team-based military shooter. As you lose health, your display loses contrast and it become harder to tell friend from foe.

Thanks to the relaxed rules of this MiniLD, I will be ‘borrowing’ some of the graphics functions I made for my unreleased entry in MiniLD #34 ‘Aspect’.

Will this be the first game jam I actually finish? Probably not, based on my previous experience, but I hope to achieve my super-secret goal of learning how to properly package Python projects.

2 Responses to “MiniLD #36 – Super-fun entry!”

  1. suan says:

    well, this idea is pretty awesome. great interpretation of the topic =)

  2. BlizerD says:

    As Suan said, the idea is great! Good luck!

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