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Thanks everyone for coming out! For the next 3 weeks, we’ll be Playing and Rating the games you created.
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We’ll be announcing Ludum Dare 36’s August date alongside the results.


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July 7th, 2012 10:49 am

So here I am ready to add to the pool of “it’s my first LD” posts. Then I start scrolling through the things other people are working on… and woah. There’s the intimidation factor. Love it though. : )

I’m from a web dev background – okay that’s a lie. I’m from a communication studies background, but realized by my last year of school that I didn’t care for any of the career opportunities in my field, started taking some e-commerce electives and created an independent study in web-technologies. Long story short, I did some crappy jobs at ridiculously low rate, leveled up, and now do web-dev (almost exclusively back-end) full time.

I have not made a ‘game’ since we had to get those graphing calculators in highschool and they turned out to support BASIC like programming. I’ve talked about it a million times, but, well, I haven’t written a book yet either. ; p So I decided to do LD #24 to give myself some “sit down and do it” motivation. And also an “no see I have to work on this today, I’m doing this thing!” excuse. I’m thinking I’ll need more than a little practice time before that though.

Maybe I’ll have to do MiniLD #36 to get my feet wet.

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  1. MadGnomeGamer says:

    Cool! Have you decided what tools to use yet?

    • the3rdc says:

      Definitely gonna be using JavaScript/Canvas. It’s the least removed from the technologies I’m used to working with. I really haven’t done REAL programming (ie, anything that needs compiled) since I took C++ as a math credit my sophomore year. ; p

      Aside from that, I haven’t determined much. Looking into Easel or similar to help with animation, but still trying to figure out with framework’s like that if the bulkiness of everything I don’t use outweighs the convenience. Love thoughts from those who have worked with it.

      Also trying to figure out what to use for sound. I haven’t found any consensus on a decent solution for good timing of sound with events on a JS/Canvas game. Sounds like everything sucks pretty bad… Looks like using flash for sound with a fallback to HTML5 audio elements is recommended a couple places?

      Hm… that miniLD started today huh. Guess I better put something of a start up tonight! ; )

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