New target platform for next Ludum Dare?

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July 1st, 2012 3:41 am

Actually I’m really considering using this Raspberry Pi as my new target platform for game jams like Ludum Dare. The technical specifications are rather limited which gives an extra challenge. As I’ve already been using mostly python and pygame for game development this should work without much extra effort. Next I’m going to test if my previous entries run on it. (This should not prevent me from having additional Windows builds of my games 😉 )

Raspberry Pi – Runs Linux

On other platform-related news, some French guy that goes with the webname “Loopingstar” has experimented with the basic idea of my LD23 game Bottlecolonies and made a port to Flash with some extras added. I especially like the variations in buildings and clearer visual feedbak of points earned/lost while placing buildings. You can give it a try here:

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6 Responses to “New target platform for next Ludum Dare?”

  1. Osgeld says:

    if by rather limited you mean more than twice the power of a PS2 or right around the power of an original XBOX with 8 times as much ram …

    • tcstyle says:

      Basically you’re right. Nevertheless using python (quite convenient) can cause some performance issues. I just tried my last LD entry which had some very slow animations on the pi unless everything else ran fine.

      • PVince81 says:

        Does the PI support Python + openGL ?
        Using openGL when rendering might improve the performance I guess.
        I don’t own a PI (yet…) but managed to gain some performance on my desktop computer by rendering with Pygame + OpenGL.

        • tcstyle says:

          Yeah, it has a quite capable GPU that supports OpenGL ES 2.0. I will try out setting up an OpenGL display in pygame which is also possible. Maybe that will fix some performance issues.

  2. Winterblood says:

    Unity 4 finally supports Unix, so I’m looking forward to porting my Unity projects to RasPi…

  3. BinaryBot says:

    Weird, im using the rasberry pi, python and pygame as well… except for the photoshop =D

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