Water is fun!

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June 18th, 2012 7:16 pm

So I recently added water to my voxel engine and have been playing around with it…. one thing I have found out is that water is sooo much fun to code, it’s tricky to get a decent simulation and hard to get something that is stable and looks nice, but once you make something you are pleased with, you just wanna play around with it so much! 😛

At this rate I might have a full voxel engine ready by the time the next LD competition drops… be able to spend the full 48 hours on actual gameplay and making a game to suit the theme…. that should be fun.

Here is the link to my article/guide/tutorial site for voxel engine resources:


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9 Responses to “Water is fun!”

  1. galman says:

    That’s better than minecraft’s water 😛
    Well done

  2. finalsin says:

    Why is this tagged with SuccessStory and Tips? It’s neither – did you just use them because they’re prominent on the main page?

    • AlwaysGeeky says:

      I started making this voxel engine as part of the previous LD competition.
      I have provided a link to my article/tutorial (tip?) website for help/guides for other people to learn how to make a voxel engine.

      • finalsin says:

        Fair enough, I guess… it’s just a little hard to find anything BUT your voxel posts now on either of those two tags. 😛

        Nice engine, in any case. The latest videos are great.

  3. Danik says:

    That looks really great, nice job!

    • Danik says:

      How does it work? Do you keep a precentage of the water level at each voxel, and then disperse it to surrounding tiles based on the level difference?

      • AlwaysGeeky says:

        Thank you! And yes, essentially what you described how it works, in the purest form. It’s a method called “Cellular Automaton” where each different tile/voxel represents a state and you use discrete simulation every N frames/timesteps to produce a realtime simulation.

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