Unnamed shooter

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June 18th, 2012 7:06 pm

Alright, game is done. Well, sorta. At least it’s playable. There’s only one level that keeps looping

Play here (WEB)

(use chrome or firefox, IE will probably lag)


The initial idea was to make a game that was half a space shooter, half exploration/roguelike/zelda, but had to scrap the second half early on. There are 3 weapons that level up when you pick more power ups, similar to Raiden. Bombs doesn’t work u.u’

I interpreted the theme DARE by making graphics that followed the NES restriction a lot more closely. I also DARED to copy The Guardian Legend and make the ship a girl, that transforms when the level start (31 frames :0)

Also, I DARED to try some stuff in Construct 2 that I never tryed before, like loading the level from a .tmx (Tiled file) using XML, and using SpriteFont to create the info in the HUD

Music by http://ozzed.net/

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3 Responses to “Unnamed shooter”

  1. Gallefray says:

    you need to make the levels faster, most of the time I was waiting for the enemy… 😛

    Good game overall, and I appreciate the work and effort put into it.


    • 7Soul says:

      That’s true. I created the enemy spawning mechanics 2 hours before finishing the game, so I didn’t have time to tune it perfectly, or even to test it out

  2. Danik says:

    That was fun. :) The weapons were unbalanced though, blue was underpowered I think.

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