The Approximately 8 Hour Dragon

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June 3rd, 2012 5:17 pm

I really liked the idea behind the 8 hour Mini-Ld that was run last weekend, being much easier to set aside time in a busy schedule. Having read the post an hour after the official start I even started frantically programming my own concept. However even 8 hours proved too tempting for real life which gleefully jumped in my way halfway through. Combined with my use of photos that I’d taken earlier, my entry didn’t fall under the LD rules any more and I didn’t bother posting up anything.

But the idea lingered in my mind all week, and I had some time today to finish things up. I spent another 4 hours working on the project, and upon discovering it didn’t work on any computer except my own, another hour fixing that. I’m pretty happy with the result, and I think I’ll take the project further if there’s enough interest in this sort of thing.

So without further ado, I’m proud to present The 8 Hour Dragon!

Unfortunately it only works in Web-kit browsers. On the other hand I made a timelapse while developing it, so when I next get a chance I might upload that too.


If you do play it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

6 Responses to “The Approximately 8 Hour Dragon”

  1. andycbriggs says:

    I love this, really. The simplicity but interesting interaction. Are you quite an artistic person? or more coding based?

    • Surrealix says:

      Thanks :).

      I’m a bit of both, although more of a coder – I’ve worked as a freelance designer and enjoy drawing; while my background is microprocessor design & software engineering. My current doctoral studies focus on quantising artistic style.

  2. gritfish says:

    It’s a really cool little story book. The graphic style works really well, and with the amount of interactive kids books appearing on the ipad, I’d suggest you stick with this and try and get it on there.

    Only thing I didn’t really agree with was the font – the title font seemed a good fit, but the text seemed a bit more “marker” and less “fountain pen” 😛 I don’t know how else to describe it.

    Browser-testing for this sort of thing is always a pain – with an 8-hour deadline what led you to choose html?

    Given that there were no winners, and I gave everyone else who entered got a user-trophy-dealy I’ve given you one too. 😀

    • Surrealix says:

      Thanks for the comments and support :). I think I’ll have to figure out this iPad development stuff now!

      I originally used a more cursive font for the book text, but the readability was abysmal, so I switched. Now that I’m not racing the clock I can spend a bit more time hunting out something that’s a better fit. I’m not entirely convinced that “fountain pen” is the right style anyway, but I agree that the current “marker” doesn’t have that warmth or character.

      I ran with JS mostly because I’ve been using it for a project at work, so I had my dev environment set up for it. Plus it’s amazing for rapid prototypes – compared to my previous LudumDares which were written in C++. The downside of course is browser compatibility, it would probably take just as long to get it working in everything as it did to write in the first place.

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