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It would be cool to see a Game Boy game dev LD

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
May 26th, 2012 1:27 am

Im wondering if that is even possible though

A LD to see who can Create the best Game Boy Game from scratch no rom base to Hack from code it completely from scratch


I am thinking of hosting one of these If I can find the correct tools to create them with 😛

8 Responses to “It would be cool to see a Game Boy game dev LD”

  1. shubshub says:

    Wow that was a quick find: although its not game boy

    Its for Game Boy Advance

  2. shubshub says:

    Even More better
    game boy development kit

  3. shubshub says:

    However those both use C to develop the games so Maybe see who can create the Best R*M Hack (Patch files only)

  4. henrypenface says:

    I started a gameboy game for LD23 but due to real life responsiblities never finished it, here was what I got in about 5 or 6 hours

    basically, sign me up.

    I used GBDK and wrote the game from scratch, spent most of that time working on the tiles for the title screen than coding 😛

  5. shubshub says:

    wow nice game I had a little Play with it On the Visual Boy Advance me and you should develop a Game Boy Game together 😀 I had this really awesome idea but I am extremely shitty at C

    EDIT: I Beat the game it was very easy 😀 It was quite fun

  6. samel says:

    i developed 3-5 years on the gba/nds. They are great console to play with and you can find many emulators.
    If i remember right you can easily setup to write something for your gba/nds. gba and nds have a lot more cool stuff than the GB && i can’t remember if you can also deploy on the Game boy with the devkitpro. Anyway, hope this help && hope to see some hard-dev post a game for this platform in the future.


  7. fruitfly says:

    If you want to develop for the original Gameboy (in Assembly), there is a great and pratical lecture from the Wichita State University ( on it. I used it to learn the platform and really liked it.
    If you want to run the compiler, emulator, etc on the Mac, I wrote a quick post about it here:

  8. alcazar says:

    We made A Game Boy Advance Game for the Ludum Dare #26, juste Here

    Enjoy Everybody


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