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A great discovery!

Posted by
May 18th, 2012 2:49 am

So I know that a lot of you guys played my game, “Tiny’s World” (the one with the mouse), and I know that many [all] of you, including me, experienced severe lag. Though I didn’t put this in the game info, that game was the first that I have ever written. I’m here to say that I realised why the lag was so¬†unbelievably¬†high and the framerate, so low. Basically, I have been placing (“blitting”, as PyGame calls it) images on the screen, when actually I should be blitting sprites as they are all constantly moving. To fix this, I changed the pixel format of all my images using Surface.convert_alpha() which converts the Surface (image) to a sprite form. When I changed all my regular game objects, I increased my framerate from 15 to 17 FPS. This was much to my disdain, as I expected more. But then, I proceeded to change my (moving) background images to sprites, and I managed to get the framerate to in excess of 100 FPS! :D

What I’m here to say is, I love ALL you guys and the LD. Thanks to all you guys who run it and contribute it. And thank you for all those helpful (constructively¬†criticising) comments you made about my game and for all the suggestions which I am currently working on adding into my game.

And by the way, I am working on a post compo version of my game and if anyone is interested in it. It wont lag [or will lag much, much less] and I will be adding features you have expressed your interesting in in your comments when you played it.

Thanks again for the LD, as I’m learning more and more about Python; both its strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to play the old version of my game (for the time being, before I upload a new version), it’s here:

7 Responses to “A great discovery!”

  1. Topaz says:

    So yeah, leave a comment if you’re interested in my working on a post-compo version :)

  2. Thief says:

    It’s certainly an interesting tip about pygame, I’m just going to go look into it…

    • Topaz says:

      Just a tip, Surface.convert() [where you put the surface where it says Surface] converts the image to a sprite.
      Surface.conver_alpha() converts it into a sprite form WHILE maintaining the levels of transparency.

      • Topaz says:

        Image = pygame.image.load(‘resources/coolimage.png’)
        #currently it’s a surface in standard form
        #Now it’s a sprite with the same amount of transparency :D
        #And with a sprite, you can still do this:
        screen.blit(Image, (X,Y))
        #except it’s much more efficient!

  3. MadGnomeGamer says:

    #210 Overall(Jam) 2.45 –your score

    #302 Overall 3.19 –my score

    How is it possible to score higher and rank lower? Could someone explain this to me?

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