Why MiniLDs Rock

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May 16th, 2012 1:42 pm

Some reasons why most MiniLDs are awesome:

  1. Know the theme earlier: It’s nice that everyone is given an equal handicap for the full LD48 by only announcing the theme at the beginning of the compo, but I like to know in advance. It’s fun to be able to scheme and plan and throw away bad ideas before the pressure is really on.
  2. Flexible timeframe: The MiniLD runs STRICTLY from the Saturday to the Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless you are going to be busy that weekend. Or you have a great idea and just can’t wait to start. Or you decide to do it on Friday and Saturday instead, but your idea on Friday didn’t work out so you restart on Saturday and work until Sunday. Or…
  3. Good themes: The LD48 theme voting process is good and fair, but choosing  a theme by committee means that the truly odd themes get weeded out, as do the more open-ended generic themes.
  4. If you finish making a game, you are already a Guaranteed Winner ™! Tied for first place!

Some MiniLD hosts may be more or less strict about some of the above, so YMMV, but the MiniLDs are mostly known for focusing on the fun.

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  1. MadGnomeGamer says:

    Totally agree! To that list I would add:

    5. You are more likely to win or get recognition when you’re one of 20-50 entries and
    not one of 1400 entries

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