May 14th, 2012 5:58 am

The rules are clear.

Competition Rules and Eligibility

6. Source code must be included.

So why are some games in the compo top without providing the source? Rating is over and some authors don’t respect the rules.

Here are some examples from the Compo Top 50

>>Names removed because all mentioned entrys provided thier sources.

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  1. AlwaysGeeky says:

    I was wondering the same but didn’t want to mention it. You could argue that there are far too many entries for the rules to be enforced by the admins/organizers but then that’s what the community is here for.

  2. I also don’t wanted to mention it. But we should talk about.

    Just to be clear. I don’t want to harm any results with my post!

    But in respect to the other competitors the authors should clarify, why they doesn’t provide the code. Maybe they have good reasons (stolen laptop etc..).

    • AlwaysGeeky says:

      Yeah it is something which should be brought up, especially at this late stage… Not providing the source this late after the event should be looked into. Has anyone reached out to or contacted the authors in question, or spoken to one of the admins to look into this?

  3. PoV says:

    Jaj’s is a GameMaker game. The GM81 file is included in his zip.

    I’ll poke DeepKnight, just to make everyone happy. Though he did post a timelapse video showing the creation of his game in 48 hours, which is the main point of including source (proof), so we the admins aren’t too concerned. For fairness though, we’ll make sure he includes his.

    • Attrition says:

      Personally I think 3 weeks is a long enough time to link your source code — you don’t need the source linked to have your game judged, but if a source link isn’t included by the end of judging you shouldn’t be allowed in any top-list.

      It’s the only transgression I care about really, just because it’s sort of.. anti-community. It’s okay if you’re not ready, but the judging time should be long enough to sort it out.

      • PoV says:

        Fixed. See below.

        • Attrition says:

          I wasn’t speaking directly about anyones entry in this LD, I mean it should be instituted as a rule for future LDs.

          • PoV says:

            It is a rule, but aren’t the worst news stories the ones about contests reneging on a prize? Ludum Dare isn’t a contest, but a competitive community. We encourage everyone to compete and try their best, but be a good sport about it. You’re not competing with machines, you’re competing with people, and people make mistakes.

    • digital_sorceress says:

      Pov: he did post a timelapse video showing the creation of his game in 48 hours, which is the main point of including source (proof)

      1. A livestream proves that you’ve made a game, and proves that you’ve made it in 48 hours, and and proves that you did it solo. It is the best proof.

      2. A timelapse is slightly weaker, because it could theoretically have been compiled several days in advance of the contest.

      3. Source code proves only that you’ve made a game. It doesn’t prove that you made it in 48hours. It doesn’t prove that you worked solo. It is the weakest of the three.

  4. deepnight says:

    Sorry about the delay : as explained in the comments, I didn’t have time (yet) to clean up my directory structure. The classpaths are specific to my system, and thus, won’t compile on another system. Anyway, to clear the doubts, I will post them right now, in “raw” version.

    Hope this will be fine to you guys :)

  5. SonnyBone says:

    I’m more concerned with people ignoring the theme than anything else. For me, if a game gets a two or lower in the THEME category, then I will more than likely NOT give it an overall score higher than 3. The best game in the world that doesn’t fit the theme is still a great game, but not for the purpose of Ludum Dare. Part of the challenge is finding a way to make the theme work.

  6. Thread is done! Everything is in harmony. I think i will remove this post soon. Now it’s useless :).

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