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May 14th, 2012 4:43 pm

Very exciting to see many GREAT games being created at LD23! I’ve played about 120 games and many of them are very creative and good. It also gave me about 60 responses to my game which you can try it here. This was my first attempt at LD and i think my result are beyond my expectations.

My Results Are:

#155 Theme 3.56

#252 Mood 3.00

#357 Audio 2.65

#402 Humor 2.28

#411 Graphics 2.92

#481 Innovation 2.82

#502 Overall 2.85

#680 Fun 2.23


Theme ( #155 :: 3.56 )

Seeing this made me very happy. I was able to get #155 which was very exciting to see. I can see why because i took the meaning of “Tiny World” literally and created a Tiny World! This was one of the categories I was going towards through literal meaning.

Mood (#252 :: 3.00 )

This was confusing to me. I didn’t see my game as very moody or something, but many said they liked the music or ambience i set. I guess the nice sounding music put people i ease. This is still very exciting to see

Audio (#357 :: 265 )

This is same for the mood because of the audio the mood was set right i guess i wasn’t really expecting much for the audio. There was only 1 main music and atleast 5 small effects.

Humor (#402 :: 2.28 )

this was one of the category i was going towards, but then 5 hours into the competition i reviewed the game idea so far to find out it wasn’t so funny, but this was still my 4th best scoring category. I guess i did conclude some random event through some simple cutscene pictures.

Graphics (#411 :: 2.92 )

Still not understanding, but I created all my artwork in close to 1-2 hours. Nothing exciting because mostly everyone did some sort of pixel art and i did the most minimal of pixel art.

Innovation (#481 :: 2.82 )

This was the problem for me. I was trying to make my game different, but it didn’t work out as well because i have no imagination at all :)

Overall (#502 :: 2.85 )

This was exciting to see my overall score, rank 502 seemed decent to me because i was around the half way mark(502/1072) this didn’t worry me because i knew my game wouldn’t be the most amazing.

Fun (#680 :: 2.35 )

This i can agree with MY GAME WAS SO BORING! Many comments suggesting that the game should be more challenging and not so boring, this is because all you do in the game is either go Right or Left. This created absolutely no challenge or difficulty at all. I even found myself getting bored when i was testing. I decided to not try to scrap the idea because after testing i was already to far into the project.

What I’ve Learned For Next Time:

– Faster paced game (People disliked my slow pacing game, this contributed to how boring it was)

– More challenge and more difficulty ( My game was waaaay to boring and easy)

– Polish Polish Polish

– Spend more time on Aestics

Overall this Ludum Dare was very exciting and I hope to join the next one or the Mini-Dare!!


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  1. MadGnomeGamer says:

    I’m pretty pleased with my results too!

    Coolness 100%
    #89 Humor 3.26
    #90 Theme 3.74
    #213 Innovation 3.39
    #226 Fun 3.19
    #302 Overall 3.19
    #417 Mood 2.70
    #571 Audio 2.12
    #577 Graphics 2.61

    (Rather embarrasing about the graphics…I know so many people took the time to make their game look nice where I went for functionality, but I AM an artist!)

    I’ve never had so much feedback, and such positive feedback, about any game I released before I participated in this LD! It was awesome!

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