First Ludum Dare results!

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May 14th, 2012 10:30 pm

Game: World Panic!

As It’s my first LD, I got very satisfied with the results.

>>Fun: I wasn’t expecting any top 50, so #36 Fun is awesome!

>>Audio: The game was almost complete but it didn’t had sound yet, so I threw some notes on Fruity Loops and seems It has worked! As I said, I wasn’t expecting any top 50, even more in audio!

>>Overall: The rating that got me happy the most!  being 116, better than ~92% games,  really pushes me to complete the game

>>Humor: LOL! I guess It was cause of the Earth’s sad face?

>>Graphics: I thought graphics would be my best rating, but I still really satisfied with 301.

I wasn’t aiming for a high score in Theme or Innovation but the results surprised me again! Even Innovation been 444 It was better than ~70% games 😀


I loved the experience and I’ll definetly participate again! Next time I’ll try to improve my Theme and Innovation (and possibly try to use more than 10 hours to make the game, It would help me a lot to polish the game ).

Thank you LD for this oportunity!

And thank you GFM!

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Hi, it’s Gabriel from Brazil / Pixel Cows / Tiny Shards / The Journey of Eko! I’m writing in English to keep it accessible, though.

    As I said in your game’s forum, I really loved it and found it very fun! You should definitely build a post compo version! I was hoping you would rank higher, but I think the combination of a very difficult game with an excessive setback of up to 3 shooting patterns may have made lots of players give up before they had any emotional commitment to the game (a problem when you have hundreds of games to review). A shame, because you learn to appreciate the intrincate patterns once you get a hold of the game!

    And there’s a lot of PERSONALITY in the game, man! Such a rare quality! A unique combination of insane difficulty with childish faces makes for an ironic graphic style that combines very well with the progressive loop music. I’d just add intermediary difficulty levels and make the setback put the player back on the beginning of each wave, and you have a winner game. Loved it! And congratulations, your score was not only well deserved (you are above average in all categories), but actually I think you should be even higher if it depended on me!

    • raarlac says:

      E aí cara! Agradeço o suporte e os ratings Eu estava muito inseguro no começo, mal imaginava que iria conseguir um top 50, mas o apoio de vcs e da comunidade do Ludum Dare me animou bastante até sairem as notas.
      Acho fantástico o trabalho de vocês de organizar um encontro do Ludum Dare, ainda mais no Brazil, onde o mercado de do design de games não é desenvolvido. Se ocorrer de vcs organizarem outro encontro no próximo LD vou tentar participar!
      Pretendo sim lançar uma versão mais completa, com história bem definida, transições, músicas personalizadas pra cada fase e melhora nos gráficos (e ajustes na dificuldade hahahaha).
      Muito obrigado pelos elogios e parabéns pelo Tiny Shards! Mereceu todo o crédito que foi levado.

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